Album Review: DJ Shadow “The Less You Know The Better”


Joshua Paul Davis, better known by his stage name DJ Shadow, is an American DJ and music producer. Released by Verve Records on September 27th , 2011, ‘The Less You Know the Better’ is the fourth studio album by the American DJ.

Talking about the title of his album, DJ Shadow stated, “Any good album title has multiple meanings. I like choosing titles where I find myself repeating it, almost like a mantra. But this one is partly about being stuck overnight at some airport terminal in Dallas and having news channels blasting my brain out for no apparent reason. I always sit there and say, who asked for this!?”

The album showcases sixteen songs including two singles. ‘Def surrounds us-I’ve been trying’ was released in 2010 as the first single of the album. First copies of the single were distributed in vinyl format. In May 2011, the American DJ released an extended play (EP), ‘I Gotta Rock’ showcasing the track of the same title and some remixes from the album ‘The Less You Know the Better’.

Later on in June 2011, ‘I Gotta Rock’ was released as the second single of the album. The following month in July 2011, he released a second Extended Play (EP), ‘I am Excited’. The extended play was promoted as showcasing stuff from ‘The Less You Know the Better’. The extended play’s title track was later on released as a single in August 2011, but eventually withdrawn from the album due to copyright issues.

DJ Shadow has also collaborated with other artists in the recording of this album. The third song of the album ‘Stay the Course’ features Talib Kweli and Posdnuos, the sixth track of the album features a collaboration with Tom Vek and the fourteenth track of the album ‘Scale It Back’ features Little Dragon.

The album received positive reviews from music critics. From energetic upbeat tracks to slow paced piano numbers, DJ Shadow has experimented many production styles and genres in this music album. ‘The Less You Know the Better’ surely is a treat for Shadow’s fans and a must have.

Complete track listing of the album:

  1. ‘Back To Front’ (Circular Logic)
  2. ‘Border Crossing’
  3. ‘Stay the Course’ feat. Talib Kweli and Posdnuos
  4. ‘I’ve been Trying’
  5. ‘Sad and Lonely’
  6. ‘Warning Call’ feat Tom Vek
  7. ‘Tedium’
  8. ‘Enemy Lines’
  9. ‘Going Nowhere’
  10. ‘Redeemed’
  11. ‘Run for Your Life’
  12. ‘Give me back the Nights’
  13. ‘I Gotta Rokk’
  14. ‘Scale It Back’ feat Little Dragon
  15. ‘Circular Logic’ (Front to Back)
  16. ‘(Not So) Sad and Lonely’


Author Byline: Larry D. is a music critic writing for , your one stop shop for EDM Music, Events, and DJs world-wide.

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