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Top Story: Dangerous Lee Interviews Keyshia Cole’s Stylist – DaRico Jackson

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DaRico Jackson

Many Black women go blonde, but don’t think about the health of their hair or which shade is best. What’s your advice?

Blonde is one of those special colors, but it is not for everyone. My advice to anyone that is considering it is to make sure you choose a shade that is opposite your undertones, so that you have a nice contrast to your skin. You don’t want to look monochromatic. If you are not a licensed professional, you should not be doing it at home your self. High lift blonding is a very serious service and you can run the risk of scalp lesions and hair loss.  First, try a strand test  to make sure your hair can handle the chemical process, and make sure you moisturize your hair frequently after the process. It is best use an all-natural oil regime such as INOA, which is ammonia free so that your hair will retain optimum moisture afterwards.

Does Keyshia come to you with style ideas or do you bring the latest looks to her?

Most of the style ideas done on Keyshia are chosen by her. She knows exactly what she wants and I execute. She has a great since of style and great ideas, so the collaborations are always nice. I’d say we have a good thing going on.

 Keyshai Chicago

What are the best products for Black hair?

The best products for black hair are those that have natural oils added and sulfate free. Mizani is the best multicultural product, designed for all curl types of hair, hence: (black hair). Mizani means “perfect balance” in Swahili and all of their products have a balance of protein and moisture, which is exactly what black hair needs to thrive.

Hair is a very important part of Black History, what are some of your favorite styles?

Hair is an important part of black history, In fact it’s because of that history, hairstyles are constantly evolving. The 1920’s is my favorite era, with the hot sexy flair of the flapper. Women were rebelling against their husbands after the war, and the bob evolved. I love a good bob because it’s simple, chic, and there’s one for every woman. It’s my absolute favorite hairstyle to cut!

Images Courtesy of Terry Akins PR.

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