The ABC’s of Staying Sexy For Your Partner


Regardless of who you are, it’s important to stay attractive for your partner to maintain a healthy relationship. Men and women alike, especially those in marriage, let go of their physique over time. It may seem vein, but studies show that staying sexy for your partner is crucial for having a long and mutually happy relationship. Keeping that in mind, here are some keys to keeping the spark in your romantic life.


Your partner likely sees you on a regular basis. They see you at your best, but also at your worst. Don’t save your good looks for when you go out and leave your partner with nothing to look at back home. Your appearance includes your physique and your attire. Obviously, exercise and work outs are great ways to improve your sex appeal. What people tend to overlook are their outfits at home.

When couples live together, they often grow comfortable over time and stop caring. You should by all means be comfortable, but there is a limit. Eventually your partner’s eyes will get used to your features and they’ll become indifferent to your appearance. It’s like owning a backpack for a very long time. At first, you may like it or even love it, but sooner or later you grow accustomed to its snazzy-ness and collect stains carelessly. Change your outfits and stay fresh, this way you’ll never become an old backpack.

Baby Boo

Pet names are great, but they shouldn’t be overused. If you call your partner “Baby” left and right it’ll lose it’s special just like the backpack. Use pet names in moderation, and try to personalize them. Make an effort to save complimentary names like “Cutie”, so they can have that sexual tie when you need them to. When used correctly, pet names have the potential to be very stimulating.


Confidence is sexy. Sometimes confidence can even make up for appearance. People are naturally drawn to bold and confident individuals. A great place to showcase your confidence is in the bedroom. Talk to you partner about their preferences and master your domain. Don’t be afraid to explore and try new things.

A key to confidence is eliminating your insecurities. If you can’t fix them, put them behind you. If you can work on your insecurities you should by all means do so. Smelling good is a simple and instant step towards confidence. Talents and humor are  more substantial, but not as easy to attain. One way or another, find confidence in yourself and display it for your partner. A great way to find confidence is through dancing, check out and get sexy for your partner.

Article written by Roy S. Tap dance enthusiast and blogger with Xtreme Dance. Please contact Xtreme Dance Studio and sign up for an Orlando dance class today!

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