The Truth Behind The 10 Most Common Break-Up Lines


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Shakespeare once said the path of true love never did run smooth. At some point most of us will have been let down in our pursuit of love- but how much of what we’re told is true? We count down the most common coward’s exit lines and take a look at their not-so-hidden meanings…

10. “Let’s stay friends.”

Okay, we’ve hit the ground running. Whether you were friends before the relationship or not, this is commonly seen as a handy way to head for the hills without amassing too much of the blame- if you decide to ‘stay friends’, your friends can’t blast them for dumping you. Well, perhaps just not quite so much. Just don’t expect that ‘friendship’ to necessarily follow straight away.

9. “We’re going in different directions.”

Quite literally translated as, you’re moving forward but I’d rather slip into reverse. Brace yourself or you’re going to get whiplash- this one’s not subtle at all, and is most commonly heard when one or both partner’s lives are changing. The most important thing to remember if you’re given this line is that the right person will want to take the journey with you, not press the Eject button just before you set off, so perhaps you’re better off without.

8. “You deserve someone better.”

This is a classic, designed to make you feel like you’re better off without, rather than feel rejected. If they’re leaving, it’s because they feel like they deserve better. And if this is how they’re doing it, you do too.

7.  “We don’t have anything in common.”

If you really didn’t have anything in common, would you have got into the relationship in the first place? Chances are this is an out-and-out lie, unless you really have nothing to talk about- in which case, what were you thinking?

6. “We should start seeing other people.”

As Phoebe in F.R.I.E.N.D.S so sagely put it, this means ‘ha-ha, I already am!’ Often a line used when there’s already a third party involved. Don’t be surprised if they’re in a new ‘relationship’ in a hurry…

5. “We’re moving too fast.”

They gave you a key to their flat, a drawer in their bedroom and suggested a two-week holiday. But now the honeymoon period is over and they’re terrified that this might, you know… go somewhere. This one’s not a keeper- just fickle!

4. “Our friends don’t get on.”

In high school, there was someone who was crazy about me, but wouldn’t date me because his popular friends didn’t think I was cool. School was over; he came calling, and where was I? Not waiting for him! We’re adults- not teenagers. Good friends will at least be polite- and if their approval means that much to your partner, maybe your partner should be dating one of them instead.

3. “I just need some space.”

Unless you’ve moved into their house unannounced, post love hearts to their Facebook every day and Tweet about their erection problems, this line is simply a sign of someone who’s decided that they’d rather be by themselves than make the effort to commit to a relationship. Of course, if you are the uninvited lodger, you might want to back off.

2. “I’ll never stop loving you.”

Oh, thanks! You love us but you don’t want to be with us. This line only serves to leave you with that glimmer of hope that you might get back together someday. You won’t.

And finally…

1. “It’s not you, it’s me”

It’s definitely us. Or you wouldn’t be leaving. The lamest of lame lines.

So there you have it. 10 of the most common break up lines- busted!

What’s the worst break-up line you’ve ever heard? Share in the comments below!


Author Byline: Stephanie Broad is an entertainment and lifestyle journalist and writer. When she’s not hearing these lines herself, she enjoys a good book and seeing new places. She recommends Doctor Fox.


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