How You Can Start Getting Ready For Summer (Even Though It’s Winter)

If you aren’t fortunate enough to live in a part of the world that’s sunny all year round, then chances are that you will struggle through the cold months of January and February. I know that I do – and whenever it gets really cold I find myself without fail wishing that I lived in LA or somewhere that wouldn’t make me dread getting out of bed.

During these months, one of the things you can do to make the cold a little more bearable though, is to simply start thinking about the summer and planning for it. I don’t just mean imagining that you’re on a nice warm beach somewhere – I mean actually making concrete plans for what you’re going to do in the summer and really engaging with the thought of it.

Here’s some preparation you can do to get ready…


Preparing your skin for the summer sun is something that you can start looking into months before the sun even begins to rear its head. For instance, if you want to enjoy a more even and longer lasting tan when you eventually do get some sun out there then one thing to do is to make sure you begin a better skin regime which should involve a lot of exfoliation. This will help you to remove the dead skin that can sit on top of your fresher layers and thus enables more sunlight to penetrate deeper into your skin.

Another way you can prepare your skin is by going for a spray tanning session. This will give you something of base tan to work with and mean that when you first walk out onto that beach you won’t feel like everyone is staring at your pasty white body. Furthermore, getting a fake tan to start you off is a good way to make the transition less jarring when you get a tan for real (it can also boost the look of your real tan).


she shines like the sun

If you wait until summer to look for summer clothes you’ll find that they’re all going for premium prices and all the good stock will be taken. This is why it can be a good strategy to look early instead, and specifically to try looking for clothes online. If you look on eBay during the winter for instance then you’ll be likely to find a whole range of summer clothes that are going cheap and that way you can avoid fighting your way through the shops too.


People who start training for that ‘beach body’ at the start of summer are fooling themselves if they think they’ll get rock hard abs within just a few months and the ones who are really successful know instead that you have to start in winter if you want any chance of looking good in the summer. If you want to prepare yourself to be toplessly paraded around the beach then – get into the gym as soon as possible and start doing those crunches!

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Author Byline: Athena Hunt is a beauty consultant working with Summer Illusions Tanning, a Canada based tanning salon.

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