Great Ways of Enhancing Your Style on Valentine’s Day


You may be dating, having a long-term relation or have been married for a few years, irrespective of what the circumstance is, you certainly want to be treated as the most loved individual on Valentine’s Day. You certainly want your man to pamper you on this special day. As it is a day dedicated to love, you will always want your man to treat you like a princess and both of you will be looking forward to sharing some of the best moments of your life. It is known to all of us that a man has to take care of many things in order to impress a girl on a date. But the same goes for women too. A woman should make sure of certain things for impressing her man on a romantic date. You have to ensure that you turn on his fantasy once you are out on a date on Valentine’s Day. This article provides you with some useful fashion tips that will help you to enhance your style quotient.

Valentine’s Day Fashion Tips

  • Avoid Wearing Pants– When it comes to dressing up for a romantic date, it is always advisable to go for a skirt or dress instead of pants. A dress or a skirt always makes a woman feel more coquettish and feminine irrespective of the type of her body. Skirts will always do a lot of good to your Valentine’s Day look, no matter whether you are curvy and short, or slim and tall. Even if some fashion gurus advise you differently, it is better not to listen to them. One thing you must keep in mind is that you will always look taller in a skirt that is on the shorter side. But in case you are not comfortable in showing your legs, then it is better to go for a skirt that ends just above the knees.
  • Choose the Prints and Colors Wisely– When we think of a color for love, it is red that comes to our mind, but that does not mean it has to be the color of your dress. Not many women on this planet can carry off red in style. Even if they do, there are only some specific shades of red that look good. If you have a short and curvy body, it is wise to go for solid and dark colors. Patterns will always make you appear boxier. In case of prints, it is good to go for the smaller ones because bigger prints will make you look shorter. It is never fashionable to combine prints with solid colors.
  • Shoes are Very Important– You must avoid wearing ballerina flats on a Valentine’s Day date. Only if you are looking to hide the fact that your man is shorter than you, ballerina flats can be your choice. In such a situation, you can opt for sandals or ballerinas with feminine patterns, straps or enhance the look with bling. Ankle straps will always help you to get a sexy look. Modern fashion offers you numerous footwear options and you can choose the one that you think will suit you the best.
  • Wear Playful Accessories– Keeping in mind that Valentine’s Day is all about love, the fun element should also not be forgotten. Playful accessories will always make you look great. You can carry a clutch handbag having a little mirror inside it. You can also flaunt a tattoo dedicated to your beloved.

The tips mentioned above will help you a lot in dressing up stylishly on your Valentine’s Day date. Follow the tips and be sure of impressing your valentine.

Author’s bio – Mary James is a professional writer for Wedding Jewelry and Clip Fascinators. She has a vast experience in writing articles on fashion and beauty and related topics. In this article she writes about the new fashion trends for men and women.


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