6 Ways Men Use Cars To Get Laid



Men use cars to get laid, that fact is indisputable. And it doesn’t really matter whether you think it’s wrong or right, they just do. If you’re a woman looking for some insight into how men’s brains work, or if you’re a man who’s on the look out for a new ride that will get you hooked up, read on to find out how men use their cars to get laid…

1.     Money

This is the big reason. Yes, men use their cars to get laid, but honestly, women fall for it. And the reason they usually fall for it is simple materialism. Women can be very money obsessed, and there’s a certain segment of the female population that will fall at the feet of a guy who’s driving an expensive car. A Porsche or Ferrari costs a packet, but having one will mean having a lot of girls who will jump into bed with you.

2.     Power

Another big way that men use their cars to get laid is as a status symbol. The kind of car you drive in general says a lot about your position in the social hierarchy. Think of it this way, does a hot shot lawyer or important doctor drive a Robin Reliant? Of course not. Women see cars as status symbols, and men play on that. You rarely go up to a girl and say I’m a hot shot lawyer, you let your car do the talking for you.

3.     Confidence

Women are attracted to confidence. A guy doesn’t necessarily have to be amazing looking to get laid, but he does have to have that certain charm, that charisma, that comes from havingn confidence. And for men, having and driving a beautiful car gives them confidence. You might think that it’s ridiculous to base your self worth on objects, but the fact is it works. Women feel more confident and therefore attractive wearing new clothes, a guy feels more confident and therefore attractive when he’s driving a sweet car.

4.     Speed

There are a few guys that use this one to get a girl into the sack. You take her out for a fast ride. During this ride, you’re hoping for one of two possible outcomes. Either she’s super impressed, and you get laid. Or she’s super scared, and you have to comfort her, and then you get laid. And seeing a guy powerfully in control of a fast engine is enough to make some women weak at the knees.

5.     Providing

Guys who do this are a completely different subsection than the group that uses speeding to impress. Possessing a nice, relatively expensive, family style car can prove to a woman that you’re a good provider, and would make an excellent husband. This is enough to impress a lot of women, particularly the older ones. They want to get married and have a family. Your car makes you look like just the sensible type of family oriented guy that she’s looking for. That could well get you laid.

6.     Compensation

This doesn’t work the way you think. If women see a car that is obviously compensation for a man’s, shall we say lesser? attributes, you’re not going to get laid. However, not having a huge powerful car might do the opposite. Women are onto the trick of compensatory cars, and will often avoid guys who look like they’re driving one. But having a nice, though not too fancy, car will stop her making the automatic judgement that you’re trying to compensate for lesser attributes. This can definitely get you laid…

Author Byline:

Phil Turner does not personally use his car to attract women, he is much too down-to earth. The main problem with cars that impress women as he sees it is the cost of insuring them. Cheap insurance for young drivers especially is only available on small, low cost, low performance cars.


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