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Strange Facts About Women Drivers


We don’t want to enter the debate about whether women are better are worse drivers than men are. But if you want to know the facts about women drivers, then we’re definitely here to help. Here’s the weird and the strange about females in control of vehicles…

  • Women are rapidly beginning to make up the majority of drivers. In the US the number of female drivers has already outstripped that of male drivers, and things are headed in the same direction in the UK. Experts think this has something to do with increased financial independence, but also with the fact that insurance rates for men are getting higher.
  • The town of Triberg in Germany has a parking lot with around two hundred spaces. The interesting thing? The majority of the spaces are normal sized and are reserved for men, the rest are wider and reserved for women. The mayor of the town has been strongly criticized for promoting gender inequality and perpetuating the myth the women are bad drivers (and worse parkers…).
  • Men might be car crazy, but women go car crazy before buying a car. Statistics say that women are more likely to buy car magazines during the twelve months before making a car purchase. The majority of these women subscribe to four automotive magazines per month in order to research their purchase.
  • Women drivers pay lower car insurance premiums than men. Partly this is due to the fact that women are at less risk of having an accident than men are. But it is also partly because of the cars women choose to drive. The majority of SUVs are owned by women, and the safer a car is, the lower its premiums are.
  • Seventy four percent of women say that they are responsible for their own vehicle maintenance. Bang goes the theory of men doing all the dirty work…
  • When it comes to safety, women are a third less likely to be convicted of drink driving, reckless driving and seatbelt violations than men. They are about half as likely to be convicted of speeding than men.
  • Women are more likely to be older drivers than men. Partly this is because women tend to live longer than men. However more than eighty percent of women aged over sixty five in the United States still hold a driving license and drive regularly.
  • More than half of new vehicle purchases are now being made by women.
  • Women will pay on average around two percent more for a car than a man purchasing the same make and model from the same dealership.
  • Women are more likely to stop on their way home from work than men. Around sixty percent of women say they make at least one stop after work, and around thirty percent say they make two or more. Less than half of men make one stop on the way home from work. This probably says something about women’s efficiency. Or maybe their love of shopping…
  • Not only is the number of women drivers increasing, but as car companies begin to realize the buying power of female drivers they are under pressure to add more women to their work force. Saturn, for example, says that women make up around forty percent of their workforce. And the number of women reporting their employment as auto mechanic has risen over ten percent over the last ten years.
  • Over half of women admit to eating more than one meal a week in the car when driving, and an abysmal twenty percent admit to using cell phones without hands free devices whilst driving.

Author Byline:

Phil Turner is always amazed at the size of his car insurance quote, still equal to a week’s wages even with full no-claims discount

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