Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week: Chanel Makes Dramatic Entrance


The Spring Summer 2013 Paris Haute Couture fashion week is well underway, directing the spotlight firmly onto this European fashion centre. For those who are unfamiliar with the Paris Haute Couture week, it is a show where only the most well established and celebrated French and Italian designers can showcase their unrestrained creativity on the catwalk. These fashion houses and designers have to be strictly haute couture, an accolade that is protected by law and defined by the Paris Chamber of Commerce. It is not the ‘haute couture’ that is loosely and undeservedly thrown around…it’s the real deal.

What is (True) Haute Couture?

This may seem like an uninformed question; however the Paris Chamber of Commerce has very distinct rules that determine whether a fashion house is haute couture or not. First of all, the fashion houses must make-to-order for private clients and have more than one fitting. Secondly, they must have at least one workshop in Paris with fifteen or more permanent staff members, one of which must have twenty or more technical individuals. Finally, the haute couture fashion house must present a collection to the Paris press consisting of a minimum thirty five runs of both day and evening wear, which brings us back to the Spring Summer 2013 Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. These rules maintain the superiority and exclusivity that we expect from high end fashion houses.

The Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week: Enter Chanel

Running from the 21st to the 24th January, the Haute Couture fashion week will see the congregation of the best: Maurizio Galante, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani Privé, Valentino and Lefranc Ferrant to name a few. One of the Tuesday highlights was the dramatic Chanel run, headed by the talented Karl Lagerfeld. Unrestrained by the need to create the season’s next big trend, Karl Lagerfeld expressed limitless creativity and was able to communicate the very soul of Chanel.

Set against a romantic winter background of snow and green woodland, the Chanel designs had a dramatic effect. Black, red and white were the colors of choice. Lace was used in layers over cream bouclé suits, coupled with thigh high skinny leather boots and peep toes. His run took a nostalgic trip through time, utilizing 60s tube dresses, 16th Century doublet-style sleeves and 50s bracelet length sleeves, tastefully spruced up with feathers, beads, sequined flowers and feminine red belts. As always with Chanel, hair and makeup made a dramatic statement. Heavy smoky eyes and exaggerated up do’s, added to the wonder that is Chanel. The show is far from over, and fashion fans should expect to see some of the season’s greatest creation’s gracing the Paris Haute Couture fashion week catwalks, so stay posted.

Author Byline: Penny Munroe is an avid writer in fashion news and tips. Articles include tips on wearing this seasons womens tops to reports of the latest high profile fashion events.

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