How To Grow Hair Naturally

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While everyone loses hair at different times and for different reasons, some people lose a lot of hair that does not grow back without some type of intervention. There is no need to go see a doctor and have hairs implanted or to wear a wig in many cases. You should talk to your doctor to find out what the cause is for your hair loss though. If you are on certain medications or are suffering from an illness that causes you to lose your hair, he may be able to recommend an alternative course of action until your situation resolves itself. Follow a few of the tricks here and you should see some new growth on your own.

Improve Your Diet

One reason for hair loss is due to a lack of certain vitamins and minerals in your diet to grow hair. It is not enough to eat a multivitamin every day, you need to actually eat the nutrients in your food. One of the most important minerals is iron. If you tend to be anemic, you will probably notice a thinning of your hair. Eat a lot of green leafy vegetables and red meat to increase you iron. You also need adequate Vitamins A, E and the Bs.

Get a Scalp Massage Regularly

It is true, having your scalp massaged will help stimulate hair growth. Your head does not get the same amount of physical stimulation as the rest of your skin and this can cause a slowdown of circulation. Keeping up good blood flow will help hair growth. Use coconut or jojoba oil for the massage for an added benefit.

Quit Using Dyes and Chemicals On Your Hair

The more chemicals you use on your hair, the more it will become brittle and break. The best thing to do if you are losing your hair is to wash it only when necessary with a mild shampoo. Do not brush or comb your hair when it is wet, just use a pick to try and keep it from becoming tangled.

No More Blow Drying, Curling or Straightening with Heat

You are not going to like it, but you need to quit using hot air to dry, curl or straighten your hair. If you must use a dryer, use one with a diffuser on the end and only use cool air. You can curl your hair with foam curlers, pins or even rags; just curl when wet and wait for it to dry. Straightening without heat is not going to happen; try brushing your hair when just a bit damp or using a wet comb.

Drink Green Tea and Water

Drinking three cups of green tea every day will lower the amount of DHT in your body; DHT inhibits hair growth. It is also important to drink at least eight glasses of water daily to stay adequately hydrated. If you are even remotely dehydrated, your hair will become brittle and break.

While hair loss due to aging is usually not so easy to get to regrow, if you keep up with the above tips during your younger years, it may slow down the process.

About the Author:

Victoria Heckstall also advises people who have severe hair loss to consider using hair regrowth products or to consult a doctor.



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