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Top Story: Why Are Skater Dresses Such A Big Fashion Phenomenon?


There’s nothing especially new about the so-called skater dress. The design harks back to the 1980s, when the dress with a gathered-in waist which flared out into a full, circle skirt first became hugely popular.

Give Us A Twirl!

The origin of the name is pretty obvious – the dresses are designed to emphasize the top half of the body, yet to finish with a flourish in the shape of those wide skirts, which just beg for you to do a twirl in. And if you can’t remember Bruce Forsyth and Anthea Redfern, not to mention a host of glamorous assistants who followed her on The Generation Game, then it’s probably just as well.

Indeed, if you don’t remember Brucie imploring Anthea et al to “give us a twirl” every Saturday night on our TV screens then it’s probably just as well, because it means you’re likely to be just the right age group for whom the latest generation of skater dresses is intended.

High Necklines

What also makes a skater dress distinctive from other styles is the high neck, which is usually rounded and plain. However, as the dress style has evolved, a number of other necklines have come into play, including the cut-out, which really emphasizes your arms if they’re tanned and toned enough to show off.

Flattering Your Figure

And that’s great news if you’ve got the figure to be able to carry off a skater dress properly. It means the attention is well and truly focused on the flowing hem of the skirt, and your legs underneath. The skirt hem is definitely what provides the glamour to every piece, the thigh-skimming length of the most popular designs making it ideal for creating a stylish yet sexy look, yet one which doesn’t scream “I’m available!” to all and sundry.

Longer Winter Skirts

But the skater dress doesn’t just come in shorter lengths, and as 2012 went on, we saw increasing numbers of styles which took the hem down to the knee to offer a midi style which has been THE skirt length to go for over the past year or so.

The expected arrival of colder weather no doubt played a part in the arrival of a growing choice of longer-hemmed skater dresses, but the bright colors were still to the fore, with blacks, blues, reds and yellows all being heavily featured on the high street and online. In addition, a growing number of long-sleeved styles were to be found as the mercury dropped in the thermometer.

Back to Basics

Skater dresses have played a central role in the revival of ‘back to basics’ thinking in women’s fashion, as all most styles need is a pair of tights – sheer or opaque – and a pair of sensible, practical flats. That’s despite the fact that lots of skater dresses will look just as good set off by a pair of killer heels.

Midi-length dresses, in particular, have found a ready market among older women, not to mention anyone who has a great collection of trendy, chunky jewelry to wear in conjunction with them, because again, the simple designs and colors help emphasize such accessories perfectly.

Classic Styling

Often, the simplest, easiest to wear styles are the ones which best stand the test of time. As things stand, the skater dress looks set to join that select group, and hang around for a long time to come.

This guest blog was contributed by Ann Jacobs, a blogger who works hard to keep up to date on the latest trends in Midi Dresses and Skater styles.

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5 thoughts on “Top Story: Why Are Skater Dresses Such A Big Fashion Phenomenon?

  1. I agree. #3 is the cutest!


    Posted by Dangerous Lee | 01/29/2013, 6:13 PM
  2. I love #3 it is super cute, chic, and dessy i feel that you could wear it out anywhere and still look amazing. Thanks for sharing


    Posted by FashionDreamer | 01/29/2013, 10:19 AM


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