Fashion Trends For 2013 That You Need To Rock Now


Every year the spring, summer and fall trends for fashion, hair and makeup are just a bit different. Most seasons seem to borrow from fashions in the past and this year is no exception.


The trend of the season is anything in black and white. If you wear stripes in black and white you are a fashion statement. Most designers have gone back into the 1960s and 1970s for their inspiration.

The classics of the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Era are the wave for professional fashion. Using red accents with navy and white is always classical and the Americana trend is the fashion plus in 2013.

This season’s most popular item of clothing will be lady-like dresses and pencil skirts. These are fashions that must be in your closet but with a bit of an edge. Designers are adding animal prints, vivid fabrics and geometric patterns in offbeat colors. Tailored and classically cut with a touch of edgy is the 2013 fashion statement.

Watch for lace to be a part of fashion. You might have to do a double take, however as lace is being designed in very interesting places on an outfit. Might make you want to think twice about the traditional use of lace.

Try daisies on everything you wear. This is a hippy child motif that was popular in the 1970s and has come back to bloom on everything from shirts and jeans to formal wear for women.

Want to glow in the dark? Try Alexander Wang who has designed clothing that flows in fluorescents. Big fashion news for evening wear. Fluorescents are trendy, can be expensive and are definitely in fashion.

If you remember grunge and have some in your closet, pull them out for the 2013 season. The newest fashion grunge look is paired with spiked heels and more fitted clothing and glossy smiles.


Shoes, bangles, and bags are plastic this year. See-through is in vogue.

In fashion years past the spiked stiletto heels were the look to wear with everything from jeans to formal wear. High heels in fabulous colors are still the rage, but now it is the kitten heel. Kitten heels are throwbacks to the 1960s and are wonderful for their classic comfort and feminine looks.

Great big glossy white clutches with shiny chains are the handbag trend. Short handles but over sized is the watchword in handbag accessories.

Wear awesome metal jewelry, belts and bangles to complete your accessorizing.

Hair and Makeup

Designers are making strong statements by stepping away from the pretty styles of the last few years. The trend is deep side parts and messy hair. If you have just woke-up waves you are perfect.

Nude lipstick or lipstick that matches your dress is the trend and nails are accented with gold. Past dramatic eye makeup seems to be out and the natural look done with lots of sheer makeup and soft color is the new trend.

Fashion for 2013 borrows from past eras in classical wear. However if you are a very casual person the trend is still jeans and some grunge with lace sewn in very peculiar places.

This article is by Sarah Rogers who writes for  Visit now to start finding the best kept fashion secrets online.

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4 thoughts on “Fashion Trends For 2013 That You Need To Rock Now

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  4. A fantastic post covering the upcoming 2013 trends, with some great ways to incorporate inexpensive accessories into your style, along with stocking up on timeless, classic wardrobe pieces.

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