British Celebrities We Wish Would Go Away!

Before going any further let us be clear that we aren’t wishing harm on these people, we just really wish they would retire or go a long way away from anywhere they could encounter a film crew or photographer.

Just who are those annoying celebrities who always seem to be on the television or in the newspapers?

Sir Paul McCartney

Peace on earth … Paul McCartney at Paris fashion week earlier this month.

It pains us to bring the Beatles legend into such a discussion, but for a guy who hasn’t made a decent track in around 30 years he is still awfully popular. The tipping point probably came in the summer, when he seemed to be everywhere, most notably the Olympic Games opening and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Surely, it’s time for Sir Paul to enjoy his retirement. No-one would begrudge him that, he has earned it. There are only so many more times we can listen to a strained rendition of ‘Let It Be,’ ‘Hey Jude,’ or ‘A Hard Day’s Night.’ Maybe he just turns up to see the fireworks displays that happen on these occasions.

Anyone from ‘The Only Way is Essex’


Admittedly, we don’t know the names of anyone from this show, but we’re sick of asking who that is on the front of the newspaper or on the television, for the response to be ‘someone from The Only Way is Essex.’

Great, and they are famous for what? Actually, leave it at that, we would rather live in a bubble, ignorant of that world.

Keith Lemon


Okay, so Leigh Francis’ most popular creation – allegedly based on one of his best friends – is funny a lot of the time, but television executives just seem intent on ramming him down our throats as much as possible.

Using the character to make money and attract viewers might make good business sense, but he’ll ultimately become stale and within months, we’d have all switched off.

Celebrities, Period

This is getting the better of us now. Why don’t we just do away with celebrities’ altogether? The way the media portrays certain people, it is almost as if we have to throw a party every time one of them manages to get out of a taxi or leave a London nightclub without causing huge embarrassment to themselves.

Of course, this then manifests itself across society, which then has ramifications on the way we live, how our children grow up, and how disillusioned older generations get with the world.

Let’s just end celebrity culture, have a fireworks party, and get on with our lives.

Author Byline: Stuart Green is a content writer and specializes in information about fireworks displays, fireworks for sale and the fireworks industry in general. Stuart’s passion has come from years of experience and watching displays as a child.

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