Makeup Tips And Tricks To Make Teeth Appear Brighter!


Let’s face it, none of us would say no to brighter whiter teeth! The ‘Hollywood’ smile has resulted in a great increase in teeth whitening products and treatments. But you don’t always have to have an expensive treatment done to get that bright smile you’ve always dreamed of. There are some simple things you can do at home to get your very own Hollywood smile.


It’s a known fact that everyone looks better with a tan, but did you know that your teeth also look better with a tan! Now while having a tan is great, I am certainly not condoning unsafe tanning such as sun beds. Consider using tinted body moisturizers to get that all round summer glow. Rather than choosing a foundation that is darker than your skin tone use bronzers to highlight your face. You want your bronzed look to appear as natural as possible, so don’t create as masked effect, instead highlight your face where the sun would naturally hit, such as your chin, forehead and the bridge of your nose, sculpt your cheeks for a healthy glow too. The brown pigment in the bronzer makes your teeth appear instantly whiter.


Certain lip colors can actually make your teeth appear duller and others whiter, it’s all about being clever with the tone! A lot of people have been told wearing a red lipstick makes your teeth appear whiter, but this isn’t always the case, and isn’t always appropriate for every day wear. Choose a blue based lip color to counteract any yellow in your teeth. You can get blue based pinks and plums which are a little more natural for every day.

Make Eyes Pop

Take away the focus from discolored teeth by focusing on your eyes instead. Using a simple classic eye liner flick and lashings of mascara keeps your eyes at the focus. Don’t over look your smile though, a natural blue based lip gloss will ensure you are still making your teeth look as white as possible while staying subtle so the focus remains on your eyes.

Are Brunettes Better?

It’s said blondes have more fun, but actually Brunettes have whiter teeth…or so it would appear. The yellow tones in blonde hair highlights the yellow in your teeth, so consider going brunette to ensure your teeth look as bright as they can.

There Are Other Options…

Smile care is essential to so many of us, being unhappy with our teeth can cause us to feel insecure about smiling, and everyone should be able to smile freely! If your teeth have bad discoloration and makeup tricks aren’t really helping as much as you hoped you may want to consider looking into treatments. Professional whitening isn’t as expensive as you may think so get some quotes and really consider it if your smile is getting you down. The results speak for themselves and you will be smiling in no time!

Author Byline: Eilidh MacRae is writing on behalf of Smile Care and would recommend them as a cosmetic dentist in Plymouth.

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