Bold Fashion Choices for Black Women

Woman wearing a Buba.

As a woman of African descent, there are many challenges that face you with regards to fashion, both in the sense of high fashion and in the sense of easy casual styles. Most of the publications and tips out there are geared towards people of European descent. If you are looking for fantastic fashions and outfits that suit you, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

Go Glam
When you have a big event to go to, don’t bother with choosing styles that are discreet or subtle. As fashion icons Diane Ross and Josephine Baker proved, there is nothing to be gained from being subtle, and everything to gain from embracing color, glitz and attention. Both of these women were known for their slinky gowns, and fortunately for many of us, there are a number of slinky fashions that are just coming in. While some of these gowns leave the arms bare, others give you full, fitted sleeves. Remember that a sparkle of gold or copper is a great way to set off your skin and to draw the eye.

Women of African descent from all over the world are embracing the buba, a type of Yoruban tunic. This tunic tends to be fitted on the loose side with a wide boat neck that draws attention to the shoulders. Pronounced “BOO-bah,” this tunic top can be worn on both formal and informal occasions, depending on what you pair it with. For example, there are plenty of women who wear buba tops with jeans for a casual look, and there are also plenty of women who wear it with a long wrap skirt for a more formal occasion. This garment comes in both long and short sleeve variations.

Match Your Skin Tone
It is important to remember that people of African descent have as many different tones to their skin as other people do. Do a simple test. Gather a few garments in different colors and hold them against the back of your arm and then the inside of your arm. Look for the garments that make the color of your skin look bright and vibrant. This is the best way to find the colors that look right on you. Avoid anything that makes you look splotchy or slightly ashen. Instead, choose the colors which bring out your natural skin tones.

Batik is a type of cloth dyeing that goes back to the ancient world. In batik, wax is applied to cloth, preventing the dye from taking in the places where the batik wax stuck. This produces gorgeously organic patterns in a number of colors. Batik can be bold when you are feeling bold, and it can also be more subtle for a quieter look as well.

Dresses and More Dresses
Whether you are going out for a great night at the club or you are planning for something more quiet with your favorite people, stop for a moment to think about dresses. Dresses are very in this year, and you’ll find that choosing the right one can really help you create the look that you have been after. For example, when you are out to have a great time with the girls, think about choosing a dress that has some swish and which ends above the knee. A little bit of swish is perfect for dancing, and you’ll find that it gives you some fantastic motion when you walk.

When you are invested in dressing your best, consider what styles and what colors are going to help you look as gorgeous as you know you are!

Author’s Bio: Alisa Martin is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. Her blog Clothes Recycling focuses on Fashion bloggers.


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