Beyonce’s Wedding Dress Could Be Yours


It stole the show in the music video for Best Thing I Never Had – and if you’re quick (with more than a little cash to spare) it could be the Coolest Thing You Ever Owned! That’s right, Beyonce’s wedding dress is now available online, at an asking price of $30,000.

Beyonce’s hit single, Best Thing I Never Had, was released in 2011 and soon started topping charts around the globe. The popular track was accompanied by a memorable music video, which shows Beyonce getting ready for her wedding, while looking back to the time she spent with an ex-lover who never gave her the attention or commitment she deserved. The singer celebrates “finding the good in goodbye” as she walks down the aisle to start a happy new life with her groom – and fans couldn’t stop talking about the gorgeous white-and-gold gown she donned for the performance.

Say Yes to the Dress

The dreamy Baracci wedding dress is now available at and if you think $ 30,000 is steep, it’s actually a pretty significant discount compared to the gown’s original price – a cool $85 000. Beyonce had reportedly seen the dress in the window of Baracci’s boutique in Beverley Hills a year before, and recalled it when the time came to shoot the video. She describes the gown, and matching Lorraine Schwartz tiara, as “a beautiful fantasy” that made her feel like a queen.

The size four dress, with sweetheart neckline and ballgown silhouette, features intricate gold embroidery, French lace and hand-sewn Swarovski crystals – the perfect choice for a fairytale wedding! Of course, real fans will remember that the singer has a real-life fairytale of her own to tell…

Fantasy and Reality

Beyonce’s on-screen wedding dress is undeniably gorgeous with plenty of dramatic flair, but the gown she wore for her real-life wedding to rap superstar Jay-Z in 2008 is infinitely more special. While the couple kept their wedding ceremony private, fans did get a glimpse of Beyonce’s dress in the video accompanying her 2011 track I Was Here. The dress Beyonce wore for her big day was a much simpler design, created by the singer’s Mom, Tina – now that’s one dress that will undoubtedly be very close to the singer’s heart, and we’re not likely to see it up for sale anytime soon – in fact, who knows, we might even see the couple’s daughter Blue Ivy wearing the same dress on her wedding day twenty years from now!

Author Byline:

Nicky Warner is an avid follower of fashion trends and celebrity gossip; the thought of owning a celebs fairytale wedding dress is tempting, but Nicky thinks she’ll be sticking to her favorite womens wool coat and skinny jeans this season!

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