Style Rules For Dressing Preppy


Let’s face it: Looking your best can feel difficult some days. But some styles make getting dressed each day and looking great easier than others. The preppy look is one of these styles and can leave you looking your best with minimal effort. For this reason, the style has quickly grown in popularity. The timelessness of this style approach means that it is one any man can consistently put on without fear of looking frumpy or out of place. Instead, the chic appeal to dressing with preppy style can be seen in all parts of the country by men who love to look their best.

Here are a few of the basic style rules for anyone wanting to master the preppy style.

  • Wear color – Everyone looks better with some color added to their outfit. Color does not have to be overly bright or inappropriate and can easily be added to even the most formal of attire without looking overdone. For example, pink ties for men look great with business suits for the office and still make it easy to maintain a professional image, even with a splash of this preppy hue.
  • Do not wear socks with loafers – Many men try to get away with wearing socks with loafers, but this can instantly turn a great look into a terrible one. The chic look of this shoe can easily be ruined by the addition of a pair of socks, making you look more like an amateur dresser than a well-groomed man.
  • Always have the essentials on hand – There are some days where outfits will not come together as easily as you’d like. These are the days when you are best off reaching for the essentials in your closet. For men, these include items such as club ties, cashmere cable knit sweaters and a navy blue suit.
  • Know when not to go overboard – Preppy style is filled with fun prints and colors, but in the workplace, this is not always appropriate. By stocking up on a mixture of both fun and safe styles, you can have a closet that is appropriate for any event.


The preppy style is an easy one to put together and wear, which is why more men are picking up on this chic look. By dressing with these style tips and in attire from preppy clothing stores such as Vineyard Vines, more men are finding it easier to put together ensembles each day that make them look and feel their best.

Samantha really enjoys writing and one of her favorite things to write about happens to be clothing. If you’d like to learn more about pink ties for men, please visit

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