Fashion Tips For Plus Sized Women

Fashion for plus sized women has come a long way in the last 3 or 4 decades. When I was young, about the only thing a plus sized woman could find in the store was a mu-mu. These tent-like items usually had HUGE floral prints, as if, somehow, by scaling up the size of the print would make the woman look smaller.

Outdated Style

In those days, heavier women basically had two choices in clothing – shapeless, ill-fitting solid black clothes for the woman who just wanted to disappear, or shapeless, ill-fitting garish clothes for the woman who had some streak of self-confidence. The “Large Marge” personality could pull this off, but nobody had access to anything off-the rack with any tailoring to it. Thankfully, fashion for plus sized women has come a long way.


Now, at least we can buy clothes built for our shape. Fashion designers have responded to our needs with beautiful, well-tailored clothes that accent our figures. Tailoring is now available for heavy or large women. Tailoring can direct the eye to your most attractive feature.

For example, if you have an hourglass figure, it doesn’t matter if it’s 20 pounds – or 50 pounds – heavier than it used to be. You still will benefit from a style that is tucked at the waist. Find clothing that has darts or even a belt at the narrowest part of your midriff. You can do the same with coats, cardigans, and sweaters. Look for tailoring or design that takes advantage of your midriff, bringing those curves some attention.

Balance Your Look

These days, too, you can find clothing that balances out your figure. You don’t have to settle for a tent. For instance, if you have a pear shape, there are clothes available now that can add some volume on top. You can wear s pretty print blouse, and add a scarf around your neck tied with an attractive knot. Or, select a blouse with ruching – a sewing technique that gathers the material into ruffles or pleats. Cowl necks look great on this figure, as well. Select a coat or jacket with wide lapels.

If you are larger on top than on the bottom, wear V-necked blouses. U-necks look great with this figure, too. And, make sure you wear a good bra. Proper support is the number one rule of a good figure. If you, like I, have a large bust and narrow shoulders, you may have to buy a size larger blouse and have it altered. Some designers realize this is an issue for women, but don’t be discouraged if you don’t find a blouse right away. A wrap-around skirt will be a nice balance to this figure.

Hem Lines

Watch your hem lines with your clothing. You don’t want your blouse to end right at the widest part of your body. If your stomach is the biggest part, the blouse should be cut to go down past your stomach. If your hips are the biggest, your shirt should end either a few inches above your hips or a few inches below.

Pant Profiles

If you have wide hips, wear straight pants that come down, without narrowing at the ankles. If you have skinny legs – show them off.

Finally, it’s OK to show off your figure. Dart those narrow areas, and ease around the larger ones. You’ll look, and feel, great.


Author Byline: Nina Edwards loves her fashion. When she isn’t giving fashion tips and advice in her articles you can find her working for the Pink Rooster.

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