Top 5 Most Famous Celebrity Lips

Celebs have been well-saught after for many decades due to their beautiful looks, tone bodies, and lavish lifestyles. They have some of the most enhanced features (some of them clearly not natural), and oftentimes many women and men will have cosmetic surgery to try and look more like their favorite female celeb.

Although there have been many different trends with whether lips look better thin or incredibly full and plump, there are still some celebs in Hollywood who have stood the test of time with their beautiful, natural lips — sometimes making them even more famous.

1. Angelina Jolie


When someone hears the word “lips” in Tinsletown, they immediately think of Angelina Jolie for being the poster girl for beautiful puckers. It’s one of her best features, and many women have tried enhancing them to look just as beautiful. Fortunately, these babies are real after many photos have surfaced of her as a child with the same full lips. Her feature may not be a big deal for some, but it has landed her plenty of movie rolls and been one of the factors that have made her on the most beautiful list in Hollywood.

2. Christy Turlington


Christy Turlington may have model looks, but she also has model lips to match her gorgeous face and figure. Her upper lip is just a tad larger than her lower one, and all-natural as she’s been modeling for years and having a successful career due to them. She’s even been the face for many beauty product companies to advertise their lip products.

3. Scarlett Johansson


Scarlett Johansson would still be one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood without such full lips, but lucky for her she was dealt a good hand in life. Her luscious lips are soft and incredibly natural with a bit of innocence to them. It doesn’t hurt that she also knows who to pose perfectly with her lips to show them off just enough.

4. Mick Jagger


Mick Jagger may be one of the most famous singers around, but when people go to see The Rolling Stones, they still just stare at his lips. Although his overall looks are not favored by many, his lips are sought after and give him a nice, quirky look. For men, he won the jackpot on his lips and has never been shy with showing them off.

5. Julia Roberts


The girl next door in Hollywood still can have the hottest lips and look innocent at the same time. Julia Roberts has always had the most beautiful puckers in Hollywood and has made them famous in films like “Pretty Woman” or “Eat Pray Love.” Her natural good looks and lack of plastic surgery (at least to our knowledge) have kept her looking fresh and young well into her 40’s. Some say her lips are real, some say they’re fake, but we don’t care. They’re still beautiful and made her a notable leading female in Hollywood for her natural charm and easy good looks.

Author Byline: Dr Michael Phillips is a renowned Plastic Surgeon from Sydney, Australia. He is well known for his botox services and says that Angelina Jolie’s lips come in at number one for the most requested celebrity feature.


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