On Trend Eyewear For 2013


If your New Year’s resolution is a new look then why not start by updating your eye wear and stay on style this season?

Nerd it up with geek frames

2011 saw the hipster geek-style come to a head with super-sized Buddy Holly glasses seen on everyone from cool young dudes to office workers (http://hairglitter.org/blog/2012/05/01/geek-chic-glasses/). By 2012 the popularity of the style led to demands for a more wearable version leading to smaller designs hitting the shops. This trend shows no sign of slowing down in 2013 so pop on a pair of Ray Bans for the ultimate geek-chic style statement.

If you love the nerd style but are looking for a fresh take on the look why not go for a round frame for that ‘I’ve just left the library look’

Glam it up with some cat eye glasses

The popularity of AMC’s Mad Men  has injected some good old fashion glamor into our accessory drawers. These feminine, sexy frames will have you brainstorming the next big thing while looking oh so ‘on trend’ in no time. But this isn’t just for the dames , Mad Men inspired glasses give the guys a vintage edge in the office too with everything from the club master to the wayfarer styles to choose from.

Take color blocking to the next level

If you’re more of a jock than a hipster then why not go for something bold and bright with on trend color blocking. After all we are still basking in a post-summer Olympic glow. Nothing says ‘I’m just off to the slopes to get ready for the winter Olympics’ like a pair of bright and breezy frames. Even if you’re more at home on the couch you can still rock a pair of translucent frames that show off your confidence and style.

Cat walk trends

What starts on the catwalk often filters down to the high street and a trend that was creating a buzz in the eye wear world in 2012 was the appearance of in a number of big name shows including Michael Kors, Tracey Reese and Milly by Michelle Smith. So if you really want to stay one step ahead it might be time to dig out those goggles from your school days.

No matter what look you are going for, you’ll be sure to find plenty of options at your opticians.

Author Byline: Catherine Halsey writes for a digital marketing agency on a range of subjects wearing a range of glasses. This article was written on behalf of Boots Opticians.

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