Gift Ideas For Men Who Never Grow Up


There’s a reason why boys’ toys are just as popular with grown-ups as they are with kids – men just like to play. Reliving their boyhood, getting to grips with a shiny gadget or taking on an exciting new challenge, the innocence and excitement is the same as it was when we unwrapped our gifts from Santa as small children. There’s a bit of Peter Pan in all of us, so don’t always try and go for the suave, sophisticated and cultured when shopping for the man in your life, a remote controlled car may prove a bigger hit than that executive paper weight. Here are five gift ideas to help men roll back the years:


These simple building blocks have enjoyed a new lease of life in recent years, with official licensed characters from film franchises such as Harry Potter and Star Wars attracting movie buffs as much as inquisitive kids. Building something impressive is a great task for men to tick off and the feeling of achievement never wanes with age. There are some complex constructions to tackle with Lego too, it doesn’t always have to be child’s play.

Paint Balling Vouchers

Boys have loved playing with toy guns for generations and paint balling makes it acceptable for grown men to run around in the mud shooting each other and making a right mess. Add in that competitive element and the chance to splatter paint over your friends and it’s perfect for the young at heart to let off some steam.

Air Hockey Table

Recreating an arcade or the sixth form common room may not sound like the most tempting thing, but giving someone one of the classics such as air hockey, pool or table football will doubtless bring the same excited grin that you would expect from a child. Getting pals round to challenge for supremacy on the air hockey table will make for endless hours of fun, plus pick a sturdy one and it can always double up as a dinner table.

Nintendo Wii

Computer games are the ultimate obsession for many men who never grow up and the Wii is an affordable way to let them indulge this passion. It has the right combination of modern technology and retro charm, with the chance to roll back the years with characters like Mario and Sonic, but also has the added edge of almost secretly encouraging some physical activity, with various fitness programs and active games available.

Football Stadium Tours

Your man may enjoy the chance to shout his guts out and get out all his week’s anger and frustration yelling at the ref every Saturday, but give him the chance to go behind the scenes of his favorite football team and he will soon regress to the football-obsessed child dreaming of one day playing on the hallowed turf. Stadium tours are available at some of the biggest clubs in the country, as well as Wembley, the home of English football, and make great gift ideas for football fans who love to dream.

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