5 Ways To Wear A Blazer


The blazer is probably the most versatile of all the items of clothing you will ever purchase and is a wonderful staple piece of clothing to have in your wardrobe. Of course, of all blazers the navy, two button kind is the most on-trend at the moment.

We would suggest trying on a number of blazers first as not all fits are the same, even if the size suggests otherwise. This is often even the case for designers and jackets can differ within a range.

The great thing about the blazer is that it can carry you through a whole host of occasions and just has to be teamed up with an item beneath to do so. So, let’s take a look at the ways you can wear a blazer.

V-Neck Cardigans

A crew neck t-shirt and a deep V-neck cardigan and you’re away. Add a blazer on top of this outfit and you’re looking classic and stylish. It’s also quite warm and also affordable and so there’s no excuse not to add it to your wardrobe.

Plaid Shirts

The plaid shirt has been round for season after season now and gives the blazer a modern look and a contemporary fit. Adding a little colour underneath is also good and looks great against the strong navy blazer. Of course, you can also use a white button down short for more formal occasions.

Thick Knits

The thick knit is such a practical and useful piece of clothing and also looks attractive. Retro shawl collars and cable knits are big at the moment and can really work well with the blazer. Use an interesting pattern to really make things more interesting, but not too out there. It’s ideal for colder climates or offices.

Printed T-Shirts

The classic mix and match, teaming a blazer with a printed t-shirt is quite a cool style trick that manages to wonderfully combine the formal with the casual. You can even manage to perform your own t-shirt printing quite easily.  It adds a sense of the cool and is also a practical accompaniment for when things get a little cooler at night. Team it up with some denim and you’re set for a night out.

V-Neck Jumper

A fine merino knit V-neck jumper works well with the blazer and an accompanying button down shirt. It’s ideal for the office and can also take you into those Friday evening drinks too, allowing you to take a chameleon like approach.

The blazer is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe, so invest in one and you’ve bought yourself half of a new wardrobe.

Author Byline: Colin O’Donnell writes for a UK site called 1clickprint.com that provides personalized t-shirts in the UK. He has a long history of writing about fashion dos and don’ts.

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