Healthy Foods That Should Be in Your Fridge


It’s midnight and you have the late-night munchies. So you head to the kitchen and grab whatever is in the fridge. And we all know that’s not a good idea. There are certain healthy foods that everyone should have in their fridge for situations like these. Snacks that are good for you, but that also taste good. Some examples are: baby carrots, cottage cheese or even Kalamata Olives. Your dinner seems like a distant memory and you need something to satisfy that craving, without any excuses. Stock these snacks in your fridge at all times so you’ll always be ready to enjoy a guilt-free meal.


Olives are one of the most widely enjoyed snacks around. With such a large variety of different flavors, olives can be used in a countless amount of dishes. They are delicious with just about anything from salads, to martinis and everything in between. Many think olives are vegetables, but they are actually in the fruit family. They can be eaten right off a tree just like apples and oranges. So next time you have that salty craving, grab a jar of you favorite olives and enjoy.

The delicious banana is so sweet, delightful and versatile. Put it on a slice of bread with peanut butter, throw it in a blender to make a smoothie or just eat it all by itself. Bananas are nutrient powerhouses with loads of potassium and fiber. They are inexpensive and make the perfect late-night snack.

With low-calories and full of protein, eggs are super healthy and delicious. Who doesn’t love eggs? Kids, adults, bodybuilders and athletes all enjoy nature’s most versatile snack. You can cook an egg just about every way possible like boiled, fried, over easy, scrambled, poached and the list goes on and on. One large egg only has about 75 calories, but with the many different ways to cook it, you can change that total very easily. Make sure you always keep a dozen eggs in your fridge for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a tasty midnight meal.

That’s right, with something as simple as milk in your fridge, anything is possible. This is an easy one; almost everyone has a gallon of milk in their kitchen because you can enjoy it in so many ways. Pour it in a bowl of cereal; use it to bake a healthy treat or just drink it down as is. Whether it is whole, 2%, 1% or skim, milk can be both healthy and satisfying.

So whether your midnight snack consists of hard boiled eggs, Kalamata Olives or a nice ripe banana, just make sure it’s healthy.

Author Byline: Jake Alexander is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about healthy foods and diets. Follow him @JakeAlexander17.

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