Cultures That Have Helped to Shape Modern Fashion Trends


Although the world of fashion is constantly changing, there are clear cultural influences to be found within certain styles.  While some of these are recent, others can be traced back many years, and even to the other side of the world, from where they are now popular.

We explored some of the cultures that have had a heavy influence on contemporary trends, and how this has manifested itself through time.


Although there have been varying levels of controversy around traditional Islamic dress, especially in the last 10 years, it cannot be argued that the religion has influenced modern clothing styles.

While Islamic women, who are looking to preserve their modesty while looking stylish, for example, wear kaftan dresses, they have also become a popular part of wardrobes around the world. As well as dresses, many women have adopted garments such as shawls and even traditional Islamic-style headscarves into their attire.

Religious patterns and trim detail on clothing has also proven influential as people look to move towards a more eclectic individual style and away from their usual norm.

African-American Culture

This is perhaps the best example of a culture that has enjoyed a large influence of a massive part of the world. In the past, individuals of that origin being able to express themselves, and be true to their roots, defined African-American culture. During the 1970’s, the hip-hop movement gained prominence, and it is this sub-culture that has defined much of today’s style.

Everything that we today define as ‘urban clothing’ can be traced back to that time. While the styles have been heavily influenced by hip-hop, the colours and patterns used can be found from prominent West African nations, such as Ghana, where many African-American trends have originated from throughout history.

European Culture

Due to its prominence in the world, the European continent has influenced modern fashion in many ways, both for men and for women.

These influences almost exclusively come from Mediterranean countries where dress has long been influenced by the warmer climate and conditions. Cooler fabrics such as linen were hugely popular around the Mediterranean coast before being adopted by countries around the world, as were trends for looser fitting clothing that opt for comfort predominantly over style.

Other common trends, such as wearing hidden socks with formal wear or pairing up casual items such as t-shirts with smarter blazers or skirts, also originated from Mediterranean parts of Europe.

This article was written by Aab Collection. Aab Collection is an e-commerce site selling Islamic clothing, such as kaftan dresses, predominantly aimed at Muslim women with multiple roles to play in today’s society.

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