Weirdest Celebrity Fashion Trends Ever Seen

Apparently, anything goes in the world of fashion when it comes to celebrities. While we’ve certainly witnessed our fair share of strange, wacky and even funny fashion statements made by A-listers over the years, a few of the most questionable choices in fashion tend to remain burned into our minds. Let’s take a look at some of the downright weirdest celebrity fashion trends ever seen. Hopefully by the grace of the powers to be we won’t have to witness these fashion fails again in our lifetime.

Very High Platform Heels


Female celebrities like Lady Gaga and Rihanna try to make headlines in every way  possible including through their choice of shoe styles. High platform heels were big back in the 70s and 80s when glam rock stars worn these shoes as a part of their stage costumes. Today, this footwear is back and now celebs have gone over the top with the height of the platform heels they’re choosing to wear. Sky-high stilettos are not only ugly but they are a very bad choice in shoes, that is if you wish to walk when you’re old and gray!

Exposed Underwear


The trend of wearing one’s underwear so that it can be seen by everyone has been around since prison inmates started the look by wearing their trousers low so their boxer shorts showed. This strange trend built momentum outside prison walls and somehow found its way to Hollywood via the hip-hop culture and it’s a trend that won’t die out. Today, women celebrities of which are too many to mention, are coming up with more creative ways of turning bras into shirts. In the meantime, male A-listers with hot bods are drooping their drawers down lower and lower and not only in the back but the front as well to leave little to the imagination. No matter how big the celeb may be, showing your underwear is tacky and not at all chic and sophisticated. Hopefully, Hollywood’s hottest will ‘get it’ soon so this ridiculous trend stops soon.

Shoulder Pads

celebrities with shoulder pads

The first time the wearing of shoulder pads inside sweaters, blouses and jackets was brought to light was in the late 1980s when Melanie Griffith sported the look on the big screen in Working Girl. Why women followed Ms. Griffith’s lead and decided that looking line female linebackers was chic is anyone’s guess but there is nothing attractive about having unnaturally large shoulders which jut out. Thankfully this trend never caught on with men. There is some buzz in fashion circles that shoulder pads for women may be making a comeback but let’s hope those rumors are false.

Acid Washed Jeans


Acid washed jeans are treated with chemicals so that the dye fades and white streaks are created. This fashion trend was started in the middle of the 1980s by members of the heavy metal band Poison. Not only were these jeans hideously unattractive but they were skin-tight and often worn with matching acid washed jean jackets and stiff big hair. Ouch! It wasn’t long after Poison sported the look that celebs adopted it as did sitcom stars and high school students everywhere.

Huge Hoop Earrings


While big hoop earrings are being sold today at popular jewelry stores like, the wearing of gigantic hoops was big back in the late 1980s. While there’s nothing wrong with making a statement with your jewelry, there is such as thing as jewelry overkill which is what huge hoop earrings tend to foster. To explain just how big hoop earrings of the late 80s were, an average man could put his fist easily through the hoop. To be more descriptive, a parakeet would feel very comfortable perched inside a hoop earring of the 1980s that featured an opening of about 5 inches!

Author Byline: Cindy Grant writes about fashion and beauty.

Note from Dangerous Lee: None of these styles are “weird” in my opinion, although I won’t be showing my underwear anytime soon!

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