The Pros and Cons of Photoshopped Celebs


Author: shaan berg

Contrary to what the media would have you believe, the practice of processing images through Photoshop isn’t always a bad thing. Photographers know that the high-definition quality and color vibrancy of an image are best achieved through software editing rather than reliance on ambient lighting or the model’s body make-up. This industry practice only got flak when incompetent people handle graphics editing software and mangle a perfectly nice composition into a monstrous failure. So, whenever you look over these images of Photoshopped celebrities, think about the following advantages and disadvantages of this practice.

Getting Rid of the Stress and Tiredness

Yes, Photoshopping celebrity images is good business practice, says Helen McCabe, editor of Australian Women’s Weekly, but she assured the public that her magazine does it much less often than other publications. Overzealous editing has been the source of derision in the magazine industry, especially when a model loses a limb or suddenly showed up with a leg at a twisted angle. Putting these smiling beauties through imaginary accidents isn’t the way to go about it.

The best use of celebrity Photoshop is to enhance the model’s features, and more importantly the clothes, shoes, or swimwear. After all, the product being sold depends on the quality of image presented in publications. Photoshop failures may garner so much attention from the public, but it’s not the kind of attention or public perception that a magazine needs. An example of a best practice is the heavily airbrushed image of Demi Moore whose stressed out visage has been lifted and in its place is a radiant-looking woman in her prime. She doesn’t look like she’s in her twenties, but she at least look less haggard than she does in real life at a time when she was experiencing marital troubles.


Celebrities Before and After Photoshop Editing

Pictures of celebrities before and after Photoshop editing have come up in online forums and blogs. Some images look fine and the edits were no more than enhanced skin quality and cleaning up the overall appearance of the photograph. However, other images can be a shocking revelation especially for women that we’ve always thought had the perfect body with a curvy waist and firmly rounded bottoms. So, it’s simply a relief to realize they’re real women, too, and not artificially made-up Barbies with unrealistic curves.

Unfortunately, this practice wreaks havoc on the way young girls look at their bodies and their self-confidence. Self-esteem issues are bound to develop when girls from 11 to 24 years old start thinking they’re not beautiful enough when they have sagging breasts or buttocks that are too slim. Each girl should realize that their bodies do not define their self-worth and the images they see on magazines, TV, and movies aren’t based on reality, but on fantasy.

Common Edits for Celebrity Photoshop

If you look at common edits in a celebrity Photoshop image, then you’ll realize most photographers simply enhance the lighting and colors of their work. Medium-level edits include changing the color of the outfit or take out a small portion of the model’s armpit to straighten out the line from shoulder to waist. So far, the most extreme enhancement is done to increase the woman’s breast size when editors think it’s “unimpressive” and she clearly doesn’t want to undergo breast enlargement surgery.

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