Fame: The First Black Perfume

ladygaga fame

Author: Myeliza Citra


Lady Gaga’s first perfume ‘Fame’ is perfect for the fall and winter season. This is first ever black perfume, which sprays clear and immediately becomes invisible once airborne. It involves a unique push-pull technology structure that includes three main accords: dark, sensual and light.

Every day, we got to see numerous celebrities launching different perfumes. The booming celebrity fragrance industry is growing with every passing day. There are some celebrities, who are extremely successful with their fragrant ventures and this success prompted them to launch multiple perfumes along the way. The latest entry in the field is Lady Gaga. She recently launched her debut perfume ‘Fame’. She presented her first scent in collaboration with The Haus Laboratories Paris and perfume company Coty. Fame relates to Lady Gaga very closely and contains underlying occult elements, which can be recognized by people who have some knowledge of it.

The advertisement campaign of the fragrance is also interesting and it appears as if it acknowledges the celebrates the dark and evil side of ‘Fame’. Moreover, the composition of the scent contains such ingredients that were used in ancient witchcraft and sex magic rituals. The campaign is directed by Steven Klein, who is known for his provocative, and dark fashion editorials, which usually involves mind control and occult symbolism. The advertisement shows Lady Gaga in different scenes like writhing around in black goop, scantily clad men crawling all over her, underwater, crab-walking, wearing black latex, lying on her side, naked and lots of lots of black ooze. It is a fast paced and high fashion commercial campaign.


The uniqueness of the fragrance is that it uses the so-called ‘push-pull technology’ that allows the ingredients to be mixed for highlighting different aspects of every fragrant note, at the same time and without any hierarchy. The three main accords of the perfume are dark accord, light accord and sensual accord. The dark accord contains poisonous flower Belladonna and incense that evolve into the sensual and opulent wave of honey drops, apricot and saffron. The floral note of tiger orchid and Sambac jasmine embody beauty and light. It is the only perfume that comes in black liquid that immediately becomes invisible when it touches the skin.

The design of the perfume bottle is also interesting and designed in collaboration with Nick Knight. The bottle visually looks like a black egg-shaped vessel featuring a gold lid from which elegant and long gold claws reach to clasp the bottle. This is one such perfume that everyone will sure to get their hands on. This is just the perfect fragrance for the fall, as well as, winter season.

This perfume is unique whether one talks about its black-to-clear fluid or the structure itself. So, just check out this perfume today.

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