The Best Self-Defense Tactics for Women


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Women are often victims of violence, especially domestic violence, assaults, robbery and rape. A statistic shows that one out of three women in the USA will be a victim of a violent incident during her lifetime. This depressing figure doesn’t meant that women across the States, but around the world as well, aren’t doing all they can to stand up to molesters and aggressive attackers. As a matter of fact, there are a rising number of reports where women have successfully defended themselves against a violent intruder or attacker. This article will try to help you gain confidence and get the proper guidance when it comes to self-defense.

When it comes to self-defense you must always be aware of the things and people around you as this can help you avoid dangerous situation and get your out of trouble before it even starts. This does not mean that you should be a suspicious, paranoid person; in fact with a little practice it will come natural to you. The real trick is to just be conscious of the surrounding area – the objects around you, the people who are close by and what they are doing. If a certain area or situation is giving you a bad vibe then listen to your instincts and try to avoid it!

Get a basic self-defense weapon

Self-defense products don’t cost a lot and they are honestly save your life. Not having one is like throwing your own safety away and risking that you will become a victim of a violent crime who could not defend herself. Many women are also scarred of causing harm to others, even if it is a potential attacker, but with today’s technology you don’t have to be worried about leaving any long-lasting side-effects. The most popular self-defense devices for women nowadays are:

  • Pepper spray
  • Personal alarms
  • Stun guns
  • Tasers

You are probably already well aware of these devices and what they are capable of. Most street safety and self-defense course will teach you how to use pepper spray and personal alarms and will help you buy and equip them, so enrolling in a course is always a great idea as you will also learn some martial arts and great fighting techniques. Generally, you will be told to always aim for the face, particularly the eyes, as this is the easiest way to disable an aggressive attacker. Pepper spray works great because it doesn’t require you to get close to your attacker and you can stay out of melee range which makes it an ideal self-defense weapon if you are not physically strong or if you are outnumbered by attackers.

Personal alarms won’t really repel an attacker who is set-out to hurt you, but they are always a good distraction and might actually get someone to come and help you. These devices are also great at scarring off burglars and thieves, who will, in most cases, run and search for an easier target to rob. Stun guns and tasers fall under the higher tier of self-defense weapons and they are a lot more expensive, especially Taser devices. Using them requires a lot more practice and effort, but they are very efficient. Owning a stun gun and a pepper spray is probably one of your best self-defense options as you can use the pepper spray to disable attackers from a distance, and fall back to your stun gun if they get too close.

Remember that proper self-defense is a skill that is practices over and over and is not something you can just learn once and then expect for it to work in a couple of years when you need it! So, keep working hard and stay safe!

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Jim Wilkinson is the Vice President of Your Greatest Protection, a website that is dedicated to helping others find the best way to protect themselves, their loves ones and their homes. He is an expert of personal protection and home security and a known, reputable online expert on this field. Jim also has a background in law enforcement and is always eager to help.


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