Red Lipstick Tips For Every Woman


Red lipstick is that classic color that never goes out of style.  It’s the color of all the women we admire in the movies and is a display of confidence and beauty.  Red lipstick is the symbol of the confident, graceful, powerful, bold, feminine, sexy, can do anything woman.  It’s the one color that most women envy and wish they could wear.

Well the truth is any woman can wear red lipstick.  It comes down to the shade, tint, and the personal features of the woman as to what and how much red she should wear but it is wearable by all.  The question lies as to deciding if you have enough confidence and boldness to allow yourself to try.

Pay Attention to the Details

Your skin color and tones have a lot to do with the shade or brightness of red that you can wear.  Your hair color will also play its part, so don’t ignore that when picking out your color.  The paler the skin, the brighter the pop of color will be.  If you have skin tones that lean more towards the pink side then you want to try out the reds containing plum shades.  For those with yellow tones, look for warm reds with brown undertones.

Show Some Makeup Restraint

One main rule to remember when wearing red lipstick is to tone down your other makeups.  No one wants to run the risk of looking like a girl from the local “escort” service or that you belong to the theater (it’s beautiful on stage or for Halloween but too much for the rest of the year).  Don’t wear eyeliner when wearing red lipstick but do use mascara and a soft blush because heavy makeup paired with red lipstick ages you.

Stopping the Bleeding

A big problem with red lipstick is the bleeding.  We’ve all seen the little lady sitting down to lunch with her lipstick melting off her lips (we won’t mention the teeth).  To solve this issue, fill your lips with a lip liner before applying the lipstick.

Pick the Perfect Shade

Red lipstick is beautiful on anyone when it’s the “right” shade.  Finding the “right” shade can be the issue because no two red shades are the same and there are so many options.  Try applying to your wrist for checking and then on the lips if you like what you see on your wrist.  You can also make the “perfect” shade by combining several lipsticks to get the color you want.  Just don’t give up because there is a color out there for you.

Tone It Down with Age

Unfortunately, bright red lipstick is the color for the younger ladies.  The lips thin as we age and it’s time to switch to the lighter more rosy shades or neutrals for those who are getting older.  While wearing the bright popping Marilyn Monroe shade might be out, you can still find reds that look great on you or switch to playing up those gorgeous eyes instead.

Learn on to Put It On

If you’re new to the world of red lipstick, take the time to learn to apply it correctly.  Start by applying with a lip brush or your finger and building up the color until you get the right saturation.  You want your lipstick to make you look fresh, bright and happy, not washed out or like you slapped on paint that morning.  The saying “practice makes perfect” does apply here.

While red lipstick is certainly not the color for shy or timid women, you can make yourself feel bold and powerful by applying the perfect shade of red (call it the confidence makeover).  Let your inner woman out and take a chance by finding your “perfect” shade of red.

Author Byline: Pemba Tsering has written contents for numerous shopping websites. He also blogs on topics related to money saving tips on fashion, clothing and accessories.  


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