Why You Should Dye Your Hair Purple!

If you’re reading about purple hair dye, you’re probably wondering just why people take such a massive risk and color their hair purple, especially if they choose one of the brighter shades which really make them stand out from the crowd. Indeed, becoming eye-catching is one of the reasons why people do it, but purple hair dye also has the ability to add a darker, bolder look to any fashion, and with so many different shades available, there is always a color which is going to suit an individual’s tastes.

Many people who consider dying their hair purple do find it difficult to choose which shade they should opt for, and this is understandable considering the number of colours which are on the market, ranging from the darker versions of plum or tulip coloring to the brightest shades of amethyst or ultra violet. On top of the number of colors, there are also a good number of brands which sell purple hair dye, making it difficult to decide which brand and color combination to go for.

The brightest and strongest shades of purple hair dye are usually found in the Manic Panic, La Riche Directions and Stargazer ranges of hair dye, who between them cover the whole purple color spectrum from bright and stunning to more delicate shades of lilac and lavender, meaning there is usually something that is going to impress even the most picky purple colorer.

Picking The Right Purple Color Is Very Important


While the color you choose is important, it’s equally as important to think about what the overall style that you are trying to achieve is. In order to have a great final look, you’ll need to think about the clothes that you currently wear and any that you’re planning on purchasing, because if they don’t match with your new hair color you may find yourself having to go out and buy an entire new collection of threads, which isn’t going to do your bank balance any favors, no matter how cheap your hair dye was.

If you just haven’t got the time or money to change your whole wardrobe, it’s more important than you might think to consider the shade of purple hair dye you’re going to use, and perhaps you’ll want to consider whether a full covering of color is going to be the best option for you, or if you’d be better off adding bright purple as a highlight or dark purple as a lowlight in order to change your appearance without having to be as drastic as you first thought.

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Author Byline: Laura Watson from Blue Banana is someone who loves writing about fashion, especially all emo and alternative clothing ranges. A music nut, she also loves writing about hair dye, tattooing and piercing as well.

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