Top Nail Designs of 2012

Nail art has become very popular in 2012 with many celebrities sporting new and exciting looks. Lady Gaga showed off her new manicure with extra long and pointy red nails with black detailing, while Paloma Faith was seen sporting a version of the classic French manicure with nude nails and glamorous red tips. Mixing up the French manicure colors was a popular 2012 trend, as was having a reverse French manicure.

New Ideas for Looks

For the ultimate in nail art, enthusiasts have chosen fierce looks like metallic studding over matte black nails for a punk-inspired style, and for a real wow factor a different design on every nail.

This dark and decadent look was popular throughout the year with a range of geometric prints and jeweled decorations creating some hot nail designs. Another way to create a luxurious looking design is to combine matte and gloss finishes, with a matte nail polish painted on and left to dry, and then the look completed by a gloss finish applied in the same color to the tips of the nail.

Monochrome versus Color

Always a design statement, black and white nails made a comeback with Rita Ora sporting some fantastic checkerboard designs on Twitter, thought to have been inspired by Gwen Stefani from No Doubt. For those who prefer more colorful and prettier, floral-inspired nails akin to Cath Kidston designs, begin by painting nails pale blue, and then adding pink varnish to create the petals, using cocktail sticks, and adding green varnish for the leaves.

Olympic Themes

With the Olympics in full swing, there were some great nail art designs in 2012 from double gold medalist Paralympic swimmer Ellie Simmons with red, white and blue nails as well as Union Jack designs. Swimmer Rebecca Adlington was also keen to show off her Union Jack nails to the cameras when she won a bronze medal. Modern Olympic nails were all about intricate designs and of course, love of country! Other swimmers were quick to join the trend adding character to those who are used to having much of their appearance obliterated by their goggles and swim caps, and giving them a chance to show off their fashion style. Red, white and blue nails were also worn by some archery medalists, who know that their hands will be shown on camera, and Venus Williams was noticed for having red nails with blue and white stars, as well as a small stripe in gold! Lily Allen also showed her support for the Olympics on Twitter by showing off her nails which had a union flag pattern on one hand and the five Olympic rings on the other.

Duck Feet

The latest trend? Emerging from the USA, ‘Duck Feet’ nail tips are set to be the new Big Thing in nail art, but have received mixed reviews. The look, inspired by the webbed feet of ducks, has split opinion with some nail technicians simply refusing to complete the look for customers. It involves flaring the nails in a range of thicknesses and lengths. The look has been worn by Snooki from Jersey Shore, but who knows if it will take off in the UK!

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