Top 10 Places to Freecycle Unwanted Items

Ever redecorated your house to realize you’ve got a sofa that can be chucked in the skip outside simply because you have nowhere else to put it? Well, instead of binning it; why not list it online?

Freecycling takes one person’s garbage and makes it another person’s treasure. With many new sites starting up devoted to helping freecycling, it just goes to show that people don’t want to waste as much; but perhaps to help others. Here are the top ten sites from around the world to freecycle your unwanted items.

Craig’s List

Established in 1995, Craiglist is an international website devoted to promoting people’s classified ads; whatever they may be. People can advertise their services as a housecleaner just as easily as listing a sofa they want to give away for free. It’s always worth checking Craiglist for some freecycling gems.


Similar to Craiglist, Gumtree promotes people’s classified ads; originally the website started out as a place to help people moving into London. The price depends on what and where it is you’re listing; although if the add claims it is for recycle purposes it is usually free.

Free Cycle

FreeCycle started in 2003 between friends in Arizona who wanted to recycle for local businesses. As time progressed, the FreeCycle team realised that they were recycling perfectly reusable stuff; that local charities and people could use them. FreeCycle now operates in 85 countries.

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth works in a forum format; posting tips on food, recycling, campaigning and a whole lot of people freecycling.


By simply typing in your address and something you are looking for; EcoFreek can work wonders. By searching 45 websites and over 12,000 libraries, EcoFreek will snuff out the exact thing you are after be it free or swappable.

Recycle the World

The ethos of Recycle the World is not to hit the landfills if you’re getting rid of something usable; recycle it! Recycle the World is now a worldwide force, giving people from all around the globe a chance to give their items to others; reducing waste in landfill sites everywhere.

Using Twitter, Full Circles Ottawa provides useful tweets for Freecyclable items in Canada. First come first serve!

ReUseIt Network

The ReUseIt Network operates from Australia, Canada, the UK, US and others; supplying a freecycling service. Simply find a local group and start seeing what bobby dazzlers you can hunt down!

Virtual Skips

An easy concept to understand; instead of banging your items into a skip, put them on online in Virtual Skip instead! The site is completely free and very easy to use.

Big Wardrobe

Big Wardrobe is for the fashion lovers amongst us. By signing up to the site, you can swap clothing items with others all around the world! Fashionable Freecycling at its best!

Have a look through these websites for some right bargains to pick up for your household. And of course, if you own something you’re going to throw away which could be used again; why not help someone else out by freecycling it online!

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Author: This article has been contributed by the team at Distinctive Doors, who produce frames, fittings, and interior & exterior doors.


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