How to Change the Shape and Size of Your Facial Features Without Surgery


Put your hand up if there’s a part of your face you’re not 100% happy with. Oh so that’s… everyone? Truth is that probably even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have features they’re not 100% happy with and that they’d improve if they could, but most of us aren’t willing to go to the extreme of using plastic surgery or other such measures in order to make a change (which is a good thing). That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to live with your features just the way they are though, and actually there is a ‘third way’ if you want to make some subtle changes to your facial features whether that means making your eyes bigger or your nose smaller – and this is particularly easy for women too. Want to know more? Read on…


One method that women can use to change their facial features is contouring (it’s open to brave men too, but expect some ribbing from friends if they find out…). Also known as shadowing this is essentially an advanced makeup technique in which you use the products in order to alter the way light appears to fall on the facial features. Most of us for instance would like to have a slim nose, and this would mean that the light fell along the bridge at the front and we would have shadows down either side. If you want to make your nose appear smaller then without actually altering the shape at all, then you could just apply a darker foundation to the sides of the nose and then blend it in which would cause almost an ‘optical illusion’ that would make the nose look much slimmer. Meanwhile contouring can also be used to achieve other effects, such as more defined cheek bones or a better brow line.

More Makeup Techniques

If you want to make your lips or eyes look larger then of course there are many ways you can accomplish this even with discount cosmetics and not much experience. For instance if you want to make your lips look fuller then the solution is to use lipstick and a matching lip liner, and then to apply the lip liner around the outside line of the mouth. Likewise if you want to make the eyes look larger you can simply use an eye liner around the top and bottom lid to draw more attention to their shape.

Meanwhile using bold makeup can also draw the eye to the parts of your face you are proudest of. Pleased with your pouty lips? Then wear a bold red lipstick and that’s what people will notice. At the same time it’s worth noting that using makeup to make one feature look larger will automatically make the others look smaller by comparison.


Using your hair it’s possible to make features on your face appear bigger or smaller. For instance if you have a big nose then having less of a fringe can make it look smaller by increasing the size of your forehead/face so that your nose is smaller in comparison. Likewise for men it’s possible to use facial hair to make the jaw appear more or less prominent and to bridge the gap between the mouth and nose etc. and this is one of the few options that’s more convenient for men than women.

Author Byline: Felicia Banks loves playing agony aunt. She believes she is so good at helping people through their love woes that she could easily have made a career from it.



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