What We Know About Iron Man 3 – And What We Can Speculate


The Iron Man franchise has been hugely successful over the last few years and has been the only super hero series to really give Christopher Nolan’s Batman a real run for his money. While Iron Man 1 was much better received than the sequel, the Avengers managed to out-gross even the Dark Knight and become the third highest earning film of all time (behind Avatar and Titanic) which was largely due to the popularity of Tony Stark and the brilliant acting of Robert Downey Jr.

So if it’s handled correctly, Iron Man 3 has potential to be massive. Let’s take a look then at what we know we can expect from the next big entry to the series, and what we can discern from the other scraps of information we already have.

The Director

We know now that the director is Shane Black who has also taken on some writing duties. The films Shane is best known for are Lethal Weapon and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang which means we should expect a film that’s edgy, stylish and with a good sense of humor. We should also expect overly dramatic fights in the rain, and great action – all of which should fit the series fairly well.

The Plot

We’ve been told that the plot of Iron Man 3 is going to be loosely based around the comic ‘Extremis’ by Warren Ellis. This means it will at some point involve genetic enhancements of sorts that create powerful super-humans. In the comic books Tony Stark eventually uses the same process on himself and use it to link his nervous system directly into the Iron Man armor, and if the clip of Robert Downey Jr. is anything to go by we should expect the same thing from Iron Man 3. The only question is how they intend to make this believable.

The other thing we know about the plot of Iron Man 3 is that the main villain will be the Mandarin. The Mandarin is Iron Man’s arch nemesis in the same way that the Joker is Batman’s, and is his diametric opposite in that he wields magic through powerful alien rings to combat Iron Man’s more scientifically grounded engineering skills.

Interestingly Mandarin was not the main villain of Extremis originally however, suggesting that the plot will need to find a way to involve him. Presumably the Mandarin will use Extremis somehow to create himself an army of goons to take on Iron Man, but whether he’ll use it himself remains to be seen.

The Trailer

We can also garner a fair bit more information regarding the film from the trailer. Here we see that Iron Man’s Malibu home gets destroyed in a terrorist attack, but more interestingly we also see an armor that appears to be moving autonomously and perhaps even attacking Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. This could either mean that Tony is controlling the armor with his mind (he also wears an interesting headpiece at one point in the film) and that the trailer has been designed to be purposefully misleading (the armor could in fact be protecting them in the clips), or that the film has introduced plot points from another classic Iron Man story – Mask in the Iron Man – in which the armor becomes sentient.

Author Byline: Andrew Simon is still a child at heart. He still loves reading comics and watching animated movies. He likes watching new movies based on superheroes on the day of its release.

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