The Biggest News Stories of 2012

The year 2012 has comes to an end, it is now time to take a quick flashback to the stories that made headlines and why they were so popular. There are so many things that happened in 2012 and some of them changed the world in one way or another. This year was characterized by sad, weird, interesting and funny events from all corners of the world. 

10. The Human Doll
The photos and videos of a Ukrainian model was the subject of debate all over the Internet after she allegedly underwent plastic surgery to get a doll-like look. Valeria Lukyonova received harsh responses, especially in the U.S. after the release of the viral video and photos. Speaking about her recent critics, she swore to continue doing things her way provided she is comfortable and happy.

9. The Human Cannibal 
This tops the list of the most bizarre stories of 2012 that can only be compared to what you normally see in horror movies. The incident took place in Miami, United States where police had to shoot dead a naked man after he was found chewing the face of another man. The May 26th incident shook the world by creating allegations that the human race was gradually transforming to cannibalism. The victim, 65-year-old Ronald Poppo, lost his left eye and he also suffered severe brain injuries.

8. Death of Whitney Houston
This is definitely the saddest news that rocked the entertainment industry in 2012. Whitney was among the most successful and celebrated singers of all time. She died on 11th February 2012 at the age of 48. Though the real cause of her death was not immediately established, she was said to have drowned accidentally as a result of cocaine and marijuana intake.

7. The London Olympics
This was one of the most successful events in the history of sports. It was marked by a magnificent opening ceremony that was attended by Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II. This international event attracted more than 4,200 participants from 147 countries. During the event, 9 million tickets were on sale at various venues in the UK. It acted as a major way of boosting international cohesion through sports. 

6. The Dark Knight Shooting 
This incident happened in July 2012 where at least 12 people were shot dead while 58 others injured when police officers engaged in a gunfight with a gunman at the screening of “The Dark Knight Rises”. The event took place in Aurora, Colorado, and the main suspect was known as James Holmes. He was later charged in court for the killings. 

5. Hurricane Sandy
This natural disaster took place towards the end of October at the eastern coast of the U.S. It left a trail of massive destruction especially in the real estate industry. Millions of residents had to live without power for days and besides, it claimed so many lives. The Hurricane Sandy remains to be one of the most shocking storms to affect the east coast of the U.S. 

4. Maroney is Not Happy
This was a photo of Maroney, a 16-year-old member of the U.S. Gymnastics team that took place at the London Olympics. In a viral photo, Maroney curled her mouth and crossed her arms to express her disappointment after failing to clinch gold during the tournament despite being the fan’s favorite. The photo made rounds all over social media and it was quickly adopted as a way of expressing dissatisfaction. 

3. Robin van Persie’s Move to Manchester United
This was probably one of the biggest transfer news in the history of English football. In a bizarre twist of events, Robin Van Persie agreed to leave Arsenal F.C. to join their bitter rivals, Manchester United, popularly known as the Red Devils. The Dutch striker was known to be one of the greatest strikers at Arsenal F.C. and no one had expected him to join their bitter rivals, let alone leaving the club. To make things even worse for Arsenal F.C. fans, Van Persie went ahead to score against his former team when the two sides met for the first time after the record transfer.

2. Gangnam Style
This is undoubtedly the most popular dance style to date. It includes a funny horse dance initiated by South Korean musician, PSY. Ever since it was officially released on the 5th of July, 2012, it became the most watched video on YouTube after overtaking “Baby” by Justin Bieber. 

1. The re-election of President Obama 
In the world of politics, President Obama’s re-election was probably the greatest news of 2012. The U.S. president defeated his closest rival, Mitt Romney by securing more than 270 votes. His fellow democrats also maintained their majority in the Senate during the closely-contested polls. President Obama not only made history as the only back president in the U.S but also the only one to have been re-elected for a second term.

These are some of the biggest news stories of 2012 and according to analysts, the year 2013 will also be full of surprises. This is based on the recent Arab uprisings, the stock market behavior, politics, sports and fashion and entertainment trends. Well, it is just a matter of weeks before the New Year and you should brace yourself for interesting and dramatic events ahead. 


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