How to Decide if Seeing a Movie in the Theaters is Worth Your Money


Movie previews allow you to make the decision if an upcoming movie is something that you’d want to see. Movie studios show these previews in hopes of you spending the money to go to one of their theaters and watch it as soon as it comes out. This is how the studios make money.

But going to the movies is pretty expensive, and this forces many people to decide whether or not a movie is worth seeing in the theaters. An average movie ticket will cost you about $10, and then when you add in snacks and drinks, you could walk away spending around $20 on yourself to see the movie.

With the advances in technology, it doesn’t take as long for movies to become available On Demand on or DVD, and many people are now starting to decide if they need to see a movie right away or if they could wait the few months in order to watch the movie from the comfort of their own home.

So how do you decide if you need to see the movie in theaters or if you can wait?

How much does the movie interest you?

You need to make sure that the movie interests you enough to spend the money on it at the theater. Does the story look like something that would entertain you? Does the cast look like they would mesh well together to create a good experience? The more likely a movie is to interest you, the more you should see it in the theaters. If the movie only looks partially interesting, partially funny or partially entertaining, you may want to hold off on spending your money on it.

Who’s in it?

It’s possible that there’s a movie coming out that stars and actor or actress that you really enjoy, but just because you’re a fan of their work doesn’t mean that you have to see the movie in theaters. Pay attention to the storyline during the previews, and if you really only want to see the movie because it stars a certain individual, then you should wait to watch the movie from home.

Is it part of a series?

There are certain series that you may be  a die hard fan of, and this may cause you to see the movies in theaters. For example, if you consider yourself a huge fan of Twilight, then you may go to the theater to see the movie so that you can see it right away. Sometimes there are series or movies that you feel you need to see right away, and if this is the case, then you’ll see the movie in theaters.

How are the reviews?

There are plenty of people out there who review movies, and if you trust the opinions of others, then that can help you decide whether or not you want to see a movie. If a movie interested you, but now you’re seeing that it’s getting very bad reviews, it may sway your decision.

Trying to decide if you want to see a movie in theaters is not a hard thing to do. You need to pay attention to the storyline, actors and previews to decide for yourself, and if you feel as if you cannot wait to see the movie, then go ahead and see it in the theater.

Author Byline: Steven Peters is a journalist who lives in Denver with his family.  He enjoys writing about fun family entertainment ideas.

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3 thoughts on “How to Decide if Seeing a Movie in the Theaters is Worth Your Money

  1. I am very cautious about what I see in the theater. A favorite actor or an interesting plot will peak my interest, but I will always try to read some review before putting down my $13 (NYC resident). I also tend to only see BIG movies on the big screen. A cute, quirky comedy I can probably wait to see on DVD, but something epic gets a trip to the cinema from me. Get really annoyed by people who go in blindly and then are audibly disappointed throughout the film. Talk about this in a recent post

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