Why Girls Like Guys Who Have Sweet Rides


Everywhere we go we are inundated with images of the rough and tough guy images. The ladies have always been into the rough and tough guy. Want to know why the ladies always fall for the guy on the hog? There’s the clothes you’ll be donning, the adrenaline rush they’ll get when you fire up the engine and the confidence you’ll emit if you’re a seasoned rider. Here’s a closer look at why girls just can’t resist a man on a motorcycle:


It’s a completely different type of experience riding a bike than driving a car. You’re exposed, out in the open, which can be a bit scary. But at the same time, it’s also adventurous and dangerous and girls like adventure and a little bit of risk in their lives. That’s why many men will buy a motorcycle – because it’s a new challenge and a new adventure that they can enjoy with a special someone. The lady likes the adrenaline rush you and her are sure to get every time you fire up the engine and take to the open road. If a standard car is like a Merry-Go-Round than a motorcycle is certainly a roller coaster. And while there’s nothing wrong with taking a spin on a safe and sound Merry-Go-Round, why not live a little bit. Life is short. Have fun.

The Get-Up

The boots, the leather pants, the motorcycle jacket and the sunglasses. It’s all part of the proper attire for the biker, of which you can find motorcycle accessories at BikeBandit.com. A well-outfitted rider shows confidence and girls like a guy who looks good and has confidence.


Intimate Riding

In a car, you sit in the designated driver’s or passenger’s seat and go about your ride. But on a bike, it’s much more intimate. Your girl will be holding onto you as she rides, which can spice up a relationship or create a more intimate riding environment for two people still getting to know each other. You’re in control of the bike, which means you’ll be in control of your girl while she’s riding with you. And girls like a guy who is in control of the situation.

Social Aspect

Let’s face it, if you drive just some ordinary car, you’re unlikely to be noticed by a lot of people. However, if you come cruising in on a motorcycle, you’re immediately noticed by fellow motorists, pedestrians, girls, etc. Yes, there’s much more of a social life associated with riding a motorcycle and that’s not even including the biker groups you can join for rides with fellow motorcycle enthusiasts.


Research has shown that as women ovulate, they’re attracted to high testosterone males. And what type of male emits more testosterone than a man riding a bike? Society has been influenced by this all throughout history – only the strong survive and females are always looking for a strong man in a partner. Nice guys finish last and if you’re riding a hog, you certainly won’t be perceived as a “nice guy,” but as a strong, aggressive male. Chicks dig that.

Author Byline: Nancy Riley A five-time Tough Mudder competitor, Nancy is an avid rock climber, runner, and fitness coach. She shares her tips for staying in shape and eating healthy on several fitness sites.

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