5 Big No-Nos for False Lashes

Woman eye

Although the festive season is passing, the New Year inevitably brings with it a whole bunch of parties, and with it comes thoughts of creating that perfect outfit, with eye-popping make-up to match. But when giving flirty looks across the room with your new peepers, there are some rules to ensure you catch somebody’s gaze in the right way:

1. Don’t wear them all the time

Let’s be honest, false lashes may look hot, but there’s little that is more satisfying than peeling them off after a night out. Which is why it can be baffling to see them on every girl serving me on the last minute rush of Christmas shopping trips. Seriously, it’s 3pm and department stores have eye-watering bright lighting; both giving you a weirdly vacant dolly-stare and me a vaguely confused, wincing stare as I feel in pain for you having to work in such cramped conditions and wondering if you have eye-drops. Save them for best, swooping lashes are worth waiting for and need the right ambiance. Plus they’ll keep their signature drama.

2. Line, curl, mascara

All vitally important steps but there is inevitably someone on the dance floor that forgets at least one of these, hence the ‘come-hither’ look reads more like ‘come bring me some industrial-strength glue or call me a cab.’ Yes, glue is very important, but minimizing the gap between your natural lash line and your falsies with liner, and bringing the two sets of lashes together with curlers and mascara are essential for a flawless look.

3. Go hard or go home

‘Tis the season for sparkles and costume, so if we can all wear garish jumpers and silly hats, we can get away with feather-and-diamanté adorned eyelids. Yep, feathers, glitter, neon, cut-out shapes, anything is possible and everything should be encouraged. There are plenty of great natural lash options out there (which I will talk about later) but as it is the most wonderful time of the year (and you may not be seeing your boss for a few days) we should all really make the most of it.

4. Don’t double up

So if you have taken advantage of the many fantastical, outlandish and eccentric sets of lashes on offer this year, you shouldn’t need to do the dreaded double-up. Two sets can work, in theory, but are much better suited to photo shoots or those extremely well versed in applying false lashes. If they do hold up for your entire night out, the likelihood is that people can count the number you’re wearing.

5. Seek professional help

As with many things in life the key is to practice, practice, practice… or just get somebody else to do it for you. And if you are looking for a more permanent solution, why not consider lash extensions? Individually placed, these treatments often focus on width rather than length, and that’s what’s really going to open your eyes. Or if you’ve got fair hair, a lash tint could also save on heaps of mascara. Natural, sustainable and almost untraceable to the naked eye, that’s something to take you past the 2013 parties.

This article was written by the team at Beauty Call. Hire a makeup artist for your wedding or any other special occasion anywhere in the UK.

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