The Best Substitutes for Soda


Soda is not a good choice of drink. Not only is soda addictive, but it carries negative calories and can also lead to an array of diseases including obesity. Soda contains caffeine, which can cause migraines as well as liver and heart disease.

If you enjoy the taste of soda but want to drink something that is a little more healthier for you, then you’ll want to start substituting soda for the following.

Carbonated Water

Some people drink soda due to the fizzy texture, and if this is what you desire, then you’ll want to substitute your soda for carbonated water. Carbonated water comes in a variety of flavors, and it’s also less expensive than traditional soda. Plus, even though it’s not as good for you as plain water, it’s still much healthier for you than pop.


Some people drink pop for the caffeine, so if you’re looking for a drink that will give you the energy boost, you’ll want to opt for tea instead. There are different flavors of tea, and you can have it either hot or cold to quench your thirst. Green tea is the best choice when it comes to your health, but you can opt for tea in any flavor. If you want, you can also add in some lemon juice or milk to sweeten it up.


If you drink pop for the flavor, then you’ll want to switch over to juice to keep the same type of flavor without all the nasty health effects. There is a flavor of juice for every type of fruit or vegetable, and the natural sugars used in juice will give you the energy you get from pop. There is probably a juice flavor that would mimic your favorite pop flavor too, so take some time to peruse the juice aisle at the store to find something that piques your interest.


Some people would put lemonade in the juice category, but lemonade seems to be in a class all of its own. Lemonade can be a great substitute for soda, but you’ll want to make sure that you’re choosing a healthier lemonade. Some lemonades are full of sugar in order to give it a very sweet taste, and these are not much healthier for you than soda. If you like the taste of lemonade, you’ll want to stick with a natural lemonade product, such as Simply Lemonade, which doesn’t use any added ingredients.


If you simply want to start drinking something cheaper and healthier than pop, you’ll want to opt for good old fashioned water. Water is the best drink for you to consume. It doesn’t have any calories, and it’s the purest form of drink that you can find, so it will not cause any illnesses or diseases and it will keep your body running properly.

If you enjoy soda but want to kick the habit for something healthier, make sure to choose one of these drinks instead.

Author Byline: Caleb Grant is a health and nutrition expert.  He writes about healthy diets and exercise in his spare time.

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