How to Shop for Stylish Clothes Online


There are many reasons why someone would want to shop online. Many enjoy the convenience of not having to head out to a shopping centre, while others like to reap the benefits of online discount offers.

While the e-commerce experience is generally favoured in the modern day, it can still be dangerous in terms of impulse buying because everything seems like such a great deal. There are also the instances when clothing isn’t suitable so needs to returning either to a store or by post, which can cost time and money, not to mention the inconvenience.

Check out our handy, hassle free guide to shopping online, to ensure that you make it as easy as it should be.

Know Your Sizing

When we say ‘know your sizing,’ we aren’t talking about whether you are a 10 or a 12. Getting online shopping right is about knowing your specific measurements, so that you can easily check out every e-commerce retailers’ sizing chart and ensure you buy the right fit every time.

This is so important in the modern day where a size 10 in one store can be a 14 in another, owing to a different design and interpretation of measurements. Accept that you won’t always ‘be the same size’ in every store and never receive an ill-fitting garment again!

Know What You’re Buying

Shopping for clothes when you don’t have a plan is a bit like a trip to the supermarket when you’re hungry; you just buy anything that looks great without thinking what you really need.

If you need to buy a dress, then look at the dresses. Don’t get sucked into a beautiful graphic telling you about a half-price sale, stick to what you need.

At the same time, decide beforehand how much you are looking to spend on a specific garment so you can filter the e-commerce site appropriately. The last thing you want to do is get into a debate with yourself over whether you should spend that little bit extra.

Your budget is the budget. Keep to it.

With this in mind you should look to shop around, too. Modern web design means all e-commerce retailers will look amazing and look to draw you in immediately, but ensure you try as many sites as you need to, to secure the best deal for you.

When It Arrives

As soon as your new item arrives, check that it is what you ordered; try it on, ensuring that it fits and looks great. If it is what you expected then it can go in the wardrobe, however if you are a little unsure or there is a major problem with it, arrange to return it at the earliest opportunity.

This article was written by Aab Collection, an e-commerce retailer selling Islamic clothing, predominantly aimed at Muslim women with multiple roles to play in today’s society. Garments available from Aab Collection include the jilbab, the abaya, and the kaftan dress.

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