The World’s Most Disgusting Delicacies

The term ‘delicacy’ is one that can often thread a fine line and could in essence be seen as something quite subjective. It seems that one man’s treat maybe another man’s nightmare when it comes to food.



It’s always best to start with something a little more on the familiar side and haggis is a renowned dish. It’s made from a mixture of minced innards of a sheep and some spices and oatmeal. This is all then boiled in the sheep’s stomach for a few hours then eaten with potatoes and turnip. Like most of the foods here, it’s actually quite a tasty dish and has a distinctive nutty texture. It’s available all year round in Scotland and is especially eaten on Robert Burns Night, in memory of the country’s most famous poet.

Rocky Mountain Oysters


It’s hard to understand why Oysters would be on a list of the world’s strangest delicacies until you consider the lack of sea beside the Rocky Mountains. In fact these oysters are deep fried buffalo testicles and are enjoyed in Canada and the US. Preparation involves peeling, boiling and then battering, before they are fried and served with a sauce.



It’s nice to add a sense of danger to your food and Fugu does this especially. This food is made from the poisonous puffer fish and has to be cut up by trained chefs to avoid the tetrodotoxin poison that’s quite prevalent in this delicacy. Some chefs even like to leave a little poison in the dish to create a slight intoxicating sensation when eating the fish. It’s nice to know your food can still kill you even after it is dead.



For people who don’t enjoy the idea of sushi, this is a step too far. Sannakji is a Korean dish made from live baby octopus. The little fish are sliced up and then seasoned with oil, though still squirm on the plate and stick to the mouth and the throat thanks to their still functioning suction cups. This really is a dish that makes even the most adventurous eater squirm a little.



Common in the Philipines, Vietnam and Cambodia, Balut is formed of an almost fully developed embryo that’s been boiled in its shell. It tastes like a mixture of egg and either duck or chicken depending on the egg. The weirdest thing about eating it is the fact that the bird is almost fully developed and can be seen within the eggshell. It’s a truly odd dish and not for the faint hearted.

So, as you can see not all foods are created equally and even a small amount of some is just too much.

Author Byline: Cormac Reynolds writes for a UK site that sells and delivers Artisan food to your door.

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