The Fashion of Smoking Cigarettes


Smoking cigarettes is a very rampant vice all over the world. Although there were a lot of rules and regulations and even smoking cessation programs available, these cannot just simply end the desire of smokers to use cigarettes.

Smoking, just like everything, is constantly evolving. From the pipes during the earlier centuries to tobacco sticks and to cigarettes, smokers have several choices for their vice. Today, smoking is not only seen as a mere unhealthy habit, but it has transformed to being a “fashion” statement for some. How many pictures have you seen of gorgeous women and bashing bachelors smoking cigarettes? Some find the pictures very cool and really fashionable so younger generations are also attracted to smoking

The increasing number of people who smoke and the dangers it brings to their health has led to various cigarette stuffs that can be used to turn this “unhealthy” habit into something more acceptable and even safe. Not only cigarettes today are safer, but they are also more fashionable. Here are some of the items available at smoke shops for people who want to be more fashionable while they do their stuff:

1. E-cigarettes

E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes have been introduced in the market with the goal of reducing the harmful chemicals in the cigarette and smokes. E-cigarettes only contain nicotine as compared to tobacco cigarettes with hundreds of harmful chemicals. E-cigarettes also aim at stopping smoking because the user can taper the dose of nicotine until such time that they are no longer addicted to smoking. E-cigarettes come with their own chargers to they are more practical because you don’t need to buy cigarettes regularly.

2. Bongs and Water Pipes

Bongs or water pipes or bubblers are also another fashionable device for smokers. It is a special filtration device for smokers who want fewer chemicals in their smoke. The bubbler attracts larger molecules in the cigarettes making the smoke more pure for the smoker’s airways. Various online shops sell bongs with several designs making smoking more fashionable.

3. Hookahs

Hookahs are like bongs, only that they are bigger and have special connectors for the users to get the smoke. Hookahs were used earlier in Middle East countries, but were introduced in the Western word later.  In various clubs and even bars, smokers can use the hookahs for a fee. However, if you want to have one on your own, there are also online shops offering these items with various styles and designs.

4. Smoking Accessories

Aside from the smoking devices such as e-cigarettes, bongs and hookahs, there are also various smoking accessories available in the market. Lighters now are made into collectible designs and even come at a very expensive price. There are also herb grinders for smokers to grind various herbs for smoking purposes. Visiting an online smoke shop, you can see several accessories that can be used for Best Premium Cigars.

While these items are already available, smoking is still an unhealthy habit and people should use them at their own risks.

Author Byline: Daniel Harry has been a smoker for 20 years. He says that he just can’t stop the habit, but aims at stopping it as soon as he can. He uses various items form an online smoke shop to make his smoking a less-harmful one.

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