The Importance of Donating to Charity


Most everyone thinks about the importance of ‘giving back’ but, due to laziness or perhaps perceived incapability, very few bring the idea into fruition. If you haven’t done so already, or haven’t in a long time, you should really consider the benefits of finding ways to give back – whether it be a monetary donation or a donation of time and effort. What most people don’t realize is that being charitable benefits many people, including the donator, and is very inspiring. Here are some reasons you might not have considered why donating is advantageous.

It’s Rewarding

For some people, this is reason enough to donate to a charity. Simply the idea of knowing you’re giving what you can to further research for a rare disease, or assisting victims of the Aurora theater shooting in paying for their medical bills, it’s a great feeling to know that you helped out. Think about it – if you were in need of the funds or efforts from a charity, surely there would be people out there willing to help out; if for no other reason, donate for the fact that someday you could be the one in need.

It’s Tax Deductible

When you donate to certain charities, you can get a tax deduction. This obviously shouldn’t be anyone’s main reason for donating to a charity, but it’s certainly a good perk. The more you donate, the larger the deduction will be, which provides incentive to donate larger amounts and/or more frequently.

It Eliminates Waste

There are many charities which ask for actual items such as toys, coats and gloves, non-perishable food, et cetera. Nearly everyone has things laying around the house that they don’t need or use, so rather than throwing them out, you can simply donate them to a good cause! It benefits you because it clears out some clutter from your home and stops things from going to waste, and it benefits a person in need because they’re getting perfectly good useful items. As a culture, we needlessly throw away way too many household items when we could be passing them on to someone else.

It’s Altruistic!

This is the most obvious reason for donating to charity – you’re helping someone! When a person who is truly in need – whether they’re ill, injured, low on cash, et cetera – getting some assistance can and will make their day, week, or year. Getting a person one step closer to recovery, or providing warmth for someone without shelter, makes the world a little bit of a better place, and there’s simply nothing better than that.

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Sara Klemowitz is part of an exclusive team of writers who contributes to blogs and news sites.

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