Why It’s Important to Question Your Existence

There are a vast range of different belief systems and religions out there, and all kinds of varying explanations for why we’re all here and what we were put on this Earth to do. Many of these revolve around a God or Gods of some sort, and each of them has its own take on reality and on duty that comes from this. All of these beliefs are valid of course, and all of them help many thousands of people around the world. While we may not necessarily agree with all of them, it’s certainly important that we are sympathetic to them, and all of us can understand that need to learn more about the world and to have a sense of purpose.

What’s harder to understand though is those people who never give any thought at all to the reasons for their existence. Some people it seems are content to exist on the planet without ever questioning why or asking questions about the nature of the universe. If you’re one such person then here we’re going to have a little muse on the subject and why it’s so important.


Even if you have never really been religious or subscribed to any one belief system there is a chance that you will at times have been hit by a sudden sense of awe at the size of the universe and your place in it. And when you think about it it is pretty incredible to even think about. The universe is not only billions of light years across, but constantly expanding. Scientists say that it’s expanding not just at the edges but all over – like a balloon being blown up which means that the very space we exist in must be getting stretched too? And if the universe is expanding, then the age old question of course is what is it expanding into?

Likewise the question then follows – why is it expanding, and where did it all start? Simply trying to conceive of an absolute nothingness is almost impossible due to the way our brains are wired, and it goes against everything we’ve learned on Earth to think that at some point something came from nothing. Why would a ‘big bang’ suddenly erupt in a vacuum? And if a God willed itself into being this begs the question who is God? Or who are these Gods? And how did they become sentient?

Then this begs the question of what the whole purpose of this is? Even the Bible doesn’t necessarily shed light on why God created man or what he plans to do after judgement day. Or if you don’t believe in God, and if you believe that you simply cease to exist once you’ve died, then this begs the question – is there no point to any of it?

Why It’s Important

The reason these questions are important is not only because it helps to drive forward human inquisitiveness and thus technological advances, but also because it makes us think about who we are. And once you have an idea for why you think you’re here, you can start thinking about how you are going to make the most of that time. If you believe in God, then how can you better serve him? If you don’t, how can you find deeper meaning and purpose?

It doesn’t matter what the outcome of these thoughts are, it just matters that you have them.

Author Byline: Edward Walker is a writer, blogger and more importantly a spiritual person who believes that every should be asking questions like who is god and why I exist.

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