Top Swaps You Can Make to Keep Your Body Happy

Smiling Young Businesswoman Walking Up Stairs

The simple little changes can contribute to making a big one, so here are some of our top alternatives for keeping you on top form!

Escalator for the Stairs

Wherever possible, you can burn some extra calories by taking the stairs rather than a lift or escalator. This will increase your heart rate and blood flow, which will help you to feel more awake throughout the day. The stairs are always the preferable option unless you’re on the second floor and due in a meeting on the sixtieth in five minutes.

Eating Out for Cooking

When you look at the washing up required after eating a home-cooked meal it can almost dampen the pleasure and achievement of having created something designed to generate a feeling of well being, which is why eating out or ordering take away food can seem like an excellent idea.

Particularly if you work long hours or have a family to cater to, it can be a daunting prospect to produce home-made meals every day. However, if you engage an all hands on deck policy and make cooking a fun endeavor for all the family you can drastically cut down on time, and by using simple but nutritious recipe ideas rather than take away menus, you’ll be saving large amounts of money in the process.

Driving for Cycling

Aside from the obvious health benefits, you’re also reducing your carbon footprint which in essence means that you are preserving the general well being of your environment. It also means you can dodge rush hour traffic by using designated cycle-paths and public sidewalks, potentially reducing any close encounters with unpleasant road-rage types.

Caffeine for Water

By regularly ingesting caffeine, your body can develop a dependence on the substance, meaning that a lack of it can lead to withdrawal symptoms. It increases your cholesterol and can cause headaches, as well as playing a major part in the disruption of regular sleeping patterns.

Water, conversely protects your joints, helps your metabolism, protects vital organs, regulates body temperature and promotes a clear healthy complexion. You can also look forward to increased brain activity when you drink around two liters a day, with dehydration being the number one cause of tiredness and fatigue.

Late Nights for Structured Bedtimes

That well rested feeling after a good night’s sleep is one of those wonderful elusive states which we could all do with experiencing daily. It’s difficult to predict a bedtime if you’ve got work to finish, or chores that need doing, or children that need organizing.

However, try to aim for seven to nine hours per night, trying for an average of eight. Avoid caffeine and eating after 8pm, and make yourself comfortable.

Ice cream for Greek Yogurt

Fewer calories, much more versatile. Commercial brands of Greek yogurt contain almost double the protein of conventional flavors.  And whoever heard of ice cream for breakfast other than your sweet-toothed ten year old?

Have a look for like minded food-swaps if you’re looking to lose a few pounds without losing the nutrients. For a booster effect, couple a healthy diet with some “lose weight fast” pills, and follow all the tips above. Your jeans will be falling down in no time.

If you have any ideas for life-swaps that help to make happy minds and bodies, then share them in the comments box below.

Author Byline: Louise Blake is a stay at home mum with a bouncing baby boy. She writes from home to supplement her income and currently blogs for Futureshape.

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