5 Must See Movies of 2013

If you’ve got a day off to look forward to then nothing beats curling up on the sofa with a good film, or enjoying a trip to the movies to watch the latest blockbuster. This year is set to be a bumper one for hit flicks, with big names returning to the big screen and some of 2012’s best movies making it to the small screen. Here are five must-see movies of 2013, due for release on DVD or in movie theaters, to get you started. All you need is popcorn, a giant soda and an afternoon off.

The Hobbit (DVD), release date TBC

This epic adventure sees Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings fame returning to Middle Earth to continue his Tolkien tails and proved a pre-Christmas hit at the movies. If previous Jackson films are anything to go by then the DVD release is bound to be packed full of extra treats and extras. It’s a long and visually stunning piece of cinema, perfect for forgetting all about work, drawing the curtains and escaping to another world for the afternoon.

Gangster Squad, January 11

The taste for mob-era violent dramas shows no signs of abating, but luckily this gritty crime drama looks like being a worthy addition to the list. The line-up of Nick Nolte, Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling will certainly keep female viewers interested too, while the premise of the LAPD taking on east cost mobsters looks set for fast-paced action.

Lincoln, January 25

It almost seems like Daniel Day-Lewis was made to play the role of this most famous of American presidents. This historical biopic is unsurprisingly length, clocking in and more than 180 minutes, but it’s an enthralling way to while away an afternoon.

Hitchcock, February 8

Another biopic, and another one that has ‘Oscar nominations’ written all over it. Anthony Hopkins is impressively transformed into renowned film director Alfred Hitchcock and does it justice with a star turn, alongside the equally impressive Helen Mirren playing Hitchcock’s wife Alma, set during the making of one of Hitchcock’s most iconic films, Psycho.

Star Trek: Into Darkness, May 17

Trekkies will come out of the woodwork in their droves and will no doubt be booking the day off work for the next installment of the sci-fi saga. It boasts some impressive new additions to the cast and will once more be directed by science fiction obsessive JJ Abrams. Whether you’re a hardened fanatic or just harbor a soft spot for Captain Kirk and his crew, this is one film which will really transport you to another world on your day off.

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