6 Reasons Why You Should Never Trust a Politician

Image by: The Lakelander

Billy Connolly once said, “The desire to become a politician should automatically prevent you from ever becoming one.” And in today’s political climate perhaps that’s good advice for anyone considering entering the political arena.

After all, doesn’t life as an MP invite consternation and ridicule, distrust and mockery? Voting is down and political apathy is up and politicians are prime targets for people to vent their frustrations and anger upon.

 So are politicians simply trying to do the best they can or are they unmerited conduits for the public’s hatred and loathing? Here are six reasons why, when it comes down to it, we really shouldn’t trust them at all.

They Really Don’t Understand The Electorate

Time and time again politicians say they’re one of us yet so frequently they show how ignorant and out of touch they are. Whilst they live a life of generous salaries, munificent expenses, multiple home and gold-plated pensions (to name but a few), the rest of the country is being crippled by debt, poverty, employment uncertainty and financial insecurity.  But we’re all in together. Apparently.

They’re Only In It For Themselves

Politicians are civil servants so should therefore put the rights and interests of the people ahead of their own, right? Well, not always. In fact, sometimes you have to ask yourselves why they make all the promises they do because constantly breaking them or letting the voters down leaves egg on their face and grovelling apologies on their lips.

They’re The Biggest Fraudsters Of All

Politicians are always keen to clamp down on benefit cheats and fraudsters exploiting the system – yet they seem to be the biggest culprits of all. The expenses scandal was a recent and deliciously ironic example of a serious pot-calling-kettle-black debacle. It made them look bad, it made them look stupid, and it made them look like hypocrites. And let’s not forget how many of them, erm, accidentally forget to pay tax on salaries, savings and properties. These supposed law makers are very often law breakers.

They Can Never Give A Straight Answer

Without doubt, politicians are good at dodging, avoiding or just blatantly not answering questions. In fact, they’re the undisputed masters at it. When a simple yes or no would suffice, skilled politicos will make a seemingly answerable question totally unanswerable. And it doesn’t reflect them in a good light. In fact, it makes them look more like the liars and deceivers a lot people already believe them to be.  Jeremy Paxman’s interview with Michael Howerd has gone down in the annals of interviewing history, and rightly so – it’s a master class in political subterfuge.

Anything To Get Elected

The bottom line seems to be that politicians will promise the world and his dog to get your vote but when they’re actually in office they’ve always got an excuse not to fulfil that promise. The system is slow, there’s too much bureaucracy, their hands are tied. Or is it simply they’ll do and say anything to get in power?

In Any Other Job, You’d Be Fired

Can you think of any employer other than Whitehall and local government bodies that lets its employees get away with so much? Expenses fiddled, taxes dodged, lies told, incompetence delivered on an epic scale – and yet they’ve always got an excuse, someone to vouch for them, an answer to defend their actions. Such indefensible incompetence in any other job will guarantee a swift delivery of their P45. If you’re a politician, it seems you have carte blanche to get away with anything. To trot out those old political chestnuts, they’ve very clear about their position and lessons have been learned.

Indisputable proof, I’m sure you’ll agree, that politicians should never be trusted, not even if you see them in an election commercial, lighting up the screen with their false smiles and empty promises.

Can you think of any other good reasons why you shouldn’t trust a politician? 


Author Byline: Gavin Harvey is a self-confessed fitness fanatic whose itchy feet have taken him all over the globe but who is suspicious of political figures no matter where they reside. He blogs regularly for Litecraft Commercial.

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