Shaping and Toning Your Butt and Thighs

Get off the stair-climber, the stationary bike or the elliptical and ask yourself if it is actually working. Its time to rid yourself of false ideas on how to tone, lift and shape your body and look at scientifically proven methods. No machine can ever be as dynamic and efficient as your body, so why use a machine to improve your body?

Say goodbye to your comfort zone and hello to successful, effective training.

The reason that those machines are not getting you results is because you need to challenge the muscles in order to get them to adapt and change. Lifting weights has been proven to increase muscle tone, strength and burn fat more effectively than long cardio workouts.

Look at the great legs on any athlete. You better believe they don’t jog in hopes of getting nicer legs; its all in the weights. Muscle tone is developed when muscle fibers recruit more strongly, and in greater numbers. This gives the muscle more shape, and makes it less squishy to touch. As you shed fat, the contours of the muscle become more defined.

To get those muscle fibers to recruit, they have to be challenged beyond what they normally ever have to do. Put down those 5lb dumbbells and grab a barbell for some serious work! If you have never exercised, be sure to check with your physician before getting started. If you’re nervous about lifting weights, its a good idea to find expert help. We’ve described the top two lower body exercises used by athletes, training pro’s and high level coaches: deadlifts and squats.

Lifting weights and getting stronger does not mean you’ll get bigger. Remember that women are physically unable to get bulky muscles because hormone balances do not allow much muscle growth.


Squats are the ultimate lower body exercise. Squats work every muscle in the legs, not to mention the butt, back and core muscles. The most effective squats are done with a barbell on the back of the neck.

Keep your back rigid at all times, and bend from the knees as though you’re going to sit in a low chair. Don’t be afraid of squatting deep (thigh below parallel). Imagine you’re going to sit on a curb, and then stand up fully straight again. Deep squats were once thought to be dangerous, but research shows that people who squat deep have stronger knee joints, reducing the risk of injury.

Start with 3 sets of 10 squats. If you have trouble squatting without weight, don’t grab a barbell until you can do 15 in a row. As you get more comfortable squatting, perform 5 or 6 sets of 6 repetitions. Lifting heavier is more effective than lifting dozens of reps.

Dead Lifts

Dead lifts are one of the great lower body exercises, and require you to lift a barbell off the floor and stand up straight with it. You’ll be able to lift a lot more compared to squatting. Set a barbell at your feet, and be sure it is close to your shins. Reach down, bending at the waist and keeping your back tight and straight. You can also bend at the knees as you reach down. Then grab the bar and stand up, pulling with your legs and then pushing your hips forward to extend fully.

Even people who have never trained can do deadlifts. Start with 30 lbs and work your way up as you become comfortable with the technique. Perform 3 to 5 sets of 8 to 10 repetitions, and you’ll be on your way to an ultimate body.

Remember that lifting with good technique is integral to success. Always think of safety first!

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