3 Female Indie Artists You Must Get To Know

There are a large number of indie artists in the world today, making it hard for any indie music lover to locate and listen to all of them. Some indie artists find more success than others, but in the world of indie music, becoming mainstream is not always a desirable outcome.

But if you want to increase the number of indie tunes on your iPod, here are three indie artists that you should really get to know.

1. Kilo Kish


Kilo Kish brings a little bit of rap to the indie genre. This rock star may not have had the biggest buzz with her debut album, Homeschool, but she has a very large following, including some heavy celebrity hitters.

Her rap style is very rhythmic and poetic, making her music easy to love even if rap is not your forte. There are no loud beats, no synthesizers, and no entourage yelling in the background. The music used with her songs sounds like an actual band is playing behind her, and if you consider yourself a music lover, you may even enjoy the instrumental version of her songs too.

When Kilo Kish is not busy making music on her own or with a group known as the KoolKatsKlub, she enjoys painting and designing clothes.

2. Alice Costelloe


Alice Costelloe creates brilliant indie music on her own, but she’s most known for her role in Big Deal, an East London indie duo that consists of her and KC Underwood. Their light and rhythmic music may not be the songs you want to enjoy to get you pumped up for a night out or sporting event, but they are the perfect addition to a lazy Sunday.

Costelloe’s voice is lighter than Underwood’s, and although they tend to sing each line together, you can easily hear the angelic tunes of her sound, and each note is perfectly complemented by the humming sound of the guitar.

3. Soko


Starting her career in acting, Soko is an indie singer that started her music career in between acting. During her downtime, she started to write songs, and back in 2007, her song, “I’ll Kill Her”, landed on the radio.

Since then, she started writing and recording music, but in 2009, she “retired” from music so that she could focus on her acting career. She couldn’t stay away long, though, as after only a few months, she came back out of retirement. Two years later, she created her debut album, Thought I Was an Alien. Although the album didn’t find a large amount of success, Soko still has plenty of dedicated followers who love her music and want her to come out with more music.

A native of France, her music is a combination of unique rhythms and an almost talking type of sound, giving her a truly unique tune. The music behind her voice is usually simple, and may be the hum of a guitar or the essence of a piano.

Author Byline: Lara Jones loves music and spends hours browsing jamplay reviews at Guitar Place.

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