Does Our Personality Really Affect Our Health?


You must have heard of health affecting our personality but is it also true vice versa? While there is no scientific evidence of personality traits actually causing an illness or a medical condition, there has still been specific evidence which suggests that overall well being of an individual certainly can be affected by the personality he/she keeps. Go through this article to see how 10 dissimilar traits affect the overall health in different ways.

1. Let’s Begin With The Social Ones

Strange as it may sound but a research done in Tohoku University in Japan actually proved that people who are more of an extrovert or outgoing have more chances of being overweight. Therefore there has been established a link between the Body Mass Index (BMI) and personality.

The research was credible as it studied some 30,000 people ranging in the ages from 40 to 64. Out of these people the ones who were more outgoing had 1.53 times more chance of having a BMI of over 25.

2. Those That Remain Anxious

Another similar research done for those who mostly remain anxious or worried revealed that people with such personality had a more chance of losing weight and their BMI to fall to less than 18.5. Therefore this clearly shows the link between an anxious personality and weight loss. Wonder if people could actually use this trait to lose weight.

3. Calm and Cool Ones

People who remain relaxed have a much better chance of staying healthy as well as sane. This doesn’t come as a surprise then, that people who have a tendency of remaining less stressed were very unlikely to develop dementia which is a mental condition in which there is a severe loss of cognitive ability.

The research that made this deduction was done by Dr Hui-Xin Wang and it included a study of 506 people that were mostly older than 78 years of age. The study was held at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. After the study was completed Dr Wang said that he truly believed now that people who remain relaxed have a decreased chance of ever developing dementia.

4. The Effects of Intermingling

It is seen that the one who intermingles a lot becomes adapted to only a few hours of sleep every night. It is wrong to think that being adapted makes your body requirement for sleep to fall down.

The Center for Military Psychiatry and Neuroscience of the Walter Reed Army Institute conducted an experiment to find out the effects of too much socializing on the health. The result concluded that people who undergo up to 12 hours of mingling everyday suffered from effects caused by sleep deprivation.

5. Shy People

Who could have thought that having a personality as harmless as being shy could actually result in harmful medical conditions such as heart attack and stroke? This is a serious conclusion drawn from a 30-year research done at Northwestern University in Chicago. The study confirmed that people who are shy have a 50% more chance of dying from cardiovascular illness; this is so because people who are shy can easily get stressed over situations. Therefore being shy has more disadvantages than simply missing out on fun.

6. Hostility Never Does Any Good

Don’t be surprised to find out that being hostile, aggressive, combative and impatient can lead to some serious illnesses. It has been medically proven at the Oncological Hospital of Kifissia at Athens, that women, out of the 448 that were studied, whose personalities had these traits were very likely to suffer from breast cancer.

This is also because such people tend to get into other unhealthy habits like smoking and lounging without exercise which in turn increased in them a risk of high cholesterol and blood pressure in the middle years.

7. The Emotionally Unstable

Not only do the emotionally unstable and clingy people make it through a relationship with much difficulty, they are also very likely to suffer from stomach ulcer as proven by researchers from Paris Descartes University of France. Such personalities which happen to be very dependent also develop unhealthy habits like those who are very hostile. The emotional wrecks are much more likely to smoke, develop a poor diet, drink etc.

8. Low IQ

Not everyone with a lower intelligence level has a risk of developing dementia later in life, but a study that was done on children’s school records born around 1921 showed that it was in fact children who scored the lowest that had more chance of developing this condition in their later years. Therefore this study held in Scotland concluded that a personality with low IQ does have a health risk. It is hence encouraged that children should be motivated to do activities that develop their brains.

9. The Humorous Lot

It seems that laughter really does take you to old age as implicated by a study done at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. People who have a good sense of humor have a higher chance of staying healthy and away from diseases.

The study was well founded as it was based on research material taken from medical records of around 53,500 people. The study therefore revealed that out of these people the ones who had a good sense of humor enjoyed a healthy mental and social life. This nature keeps people away from depression, stress and illnesses of such sorts. Some researches have even suggested that excessive laughing can even increase the immune system by boosting the growth of more antibodies.

10. People Who Are Optimistic

A research published in Clinical and Epidemiology in Mental Health journal suggested that people who stay optimistic towards life are more likely to enjoy a good physical and mental health. This study was done on almost 500 males who died with heart-related diseases.

In this study it was revealed that the number of men who were optimistic was 50% lower than those who were pessimistic towards life. This can also be because those who remain positive about everything can easily cope with stressful situations as compared to their opposite counterparts.

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